Clustertruck Exploit Allows Players To Get Infinite Style Points

There are some new exploits in TinyBuild Games and Landfall Games’ Clustertruck that grant infinite Style Points. Seeing how it deals with a cluster, it comes in as no surprise that someone would find an exploit and put it on video for everyone to see. Clustertruck is out now for PC.

I don’t really get this game, but if you like Clustertruck and seek to get the highest score or Style Points there are some exploits that you can use on two stages so far. I’m sure there are some more exploits floating around, but as of now these two will have to suffice.

Before jumping into the videos, I should note that these exploits still require some form of timing and skill. In other words, you will still need to jump and hop trucks to get more score and Style Points, but not so much with the latter exploit, though.

With that out of the way, the first exploit calls for you to focus somewhat on the flying cars near the middle end of the stage. This stage can be found in World 2 on Stage 3.

YouTuber Duck Rubadub has two videos up showing both exploits, which the first video covers World 2 on Stage 3 (Forest), and how to do the exploit correctly.

The second exploit can be a little tricky if you aren’t equipped with the grappling hook and the slow motion Utility. However, World 7 Stage 9 (Sci-fi) holds one of the most useful Style Points exploit if you do come equipped with said items. Simply ride a truck to a rotating circular thing and grapple hook on to the last pillar and hold there while your points fill up.

The aforesaid is shown below thanks to Duck Rubadub.

Clustertruck is out now for PC via Steam, and is currently running for $14.99. You can learn more about this game by heading to


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