Digital Homicide Closes Down After Dropping Frivolous Lawsuit
(Last Updated On: October 3, 2016)

Digital Homicides suit against 100 customers of Steam and Valve itself is not being pursued. They’ve decided to drop the case, and in result the company is no more.

Gamers are saying Digital Homicide committed digital suicide. TechRaptor is reporting that the case is being dropped because Digital Homicide no longer has the funds to pursue it.

James Romine from Digital Homicide commented about the case and the end of the company, explaining to TechRaptor…

“The case dismissal was only due to financial reasons caused by the removal of our games. I believe the case was very solid. There were in excess of 140 false statements by the 11 steam users, tens of thousands of posts harassing myself and my customers, three direct interference with written contracts with third parties by steam users (some of which were competitors), and much more. A combined in excess of 25 reports were filed against the worst users of the 11 with no resolutions being found.


[…] “As far as digital homicide? It’s destroyed. It’s been stomped into the ground from a thousand directions and use is discontinued. I’m going back into the work force and watching what’s really going on. Not gaming media gossip – the real stories are in the legal documents. Not talking about mine.”

The case was originally aimed at Valve and its users for fostering a hostile atmosphere of harassment aimed at the developers. They thought that by suing the Steam users and suing Valve they could recoup funds for the damage they claim they incurred. Valve removed all Digital Homicide games from the Steam store in response.

The whole thing was a strange, bizarre attempt from a developer to use the harassment angle to attack certain members of the gaming audience. It’s worked for some developers, especially those who adopt third-wave feminism as a crutch. Romine didn’t have feminism to fall back on, though.

Digital Homicide’s games weren’t loved by the community and were regularly trashed for being terrible games. The company’s 15 minutes of fame appear to be up as they shutdown and hopefully leave the rest of the gaming community alone.

Romine also mentioned that the Jim Sterling case isn’t quite wrapped up just yet. They sued Jim Sterling for the negative reviews he directed toward their game.

In Romine’s response to Techraptor he notes that ultimately he was fighting for the consumer, writing…

“We may have been painted in a negative customer light by gaming media, truthfully we’ve been fighting for lower prices and a more open market – which to me is the most important thing for consumers.”

It’s hard to take those words at face value when they tried suing Steam customers.

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  • joseph fitzpatrick

    One of the most ridiculous law suits of all time, I laughed.

  • Just Some Guy

    So they finally destroyed themselves, as seemed to be the inevitable result of all their batshit crazy antics. They, like Trump, seem completely unwilling to accept criticism, view it as personal attacks instead, then lash out in the most self-destructive, and public way possible. This then is compounded by how they can’t seem to learn from past mistakes, so just keep repeating the process over, and over, until it has finally accumulated so much mass, it can’t be stopped, and it crushes them.

  • Michael Marquardt

    It’s a shame I will never get to own the crappiest games ever. Well I could always try to find a copy of Big Rigs.

  • Captain Pipsqueak

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week.

    Good riddance; we enjoyed destroying you.

  • Ajt

    The case was likely dropped because a real lawyer may have less than politely told this fool that he had no case. Remember no lawyers were involved in this. This was all Mr. Romaine’ personal delusions. There is no strong case there. He literally sought to sue Valve and Steam Users in Federal Court for a supposed violation of Arizona State Law. (Hint; It doesn’t work that way.) This clowns opinions on whether he has a strong case, or quite frankly about anything is irrelevant. And from observation.., clearly ignorant and incompetent.

    I mourn for the days when gaming media did not give every penniless pauper madly scribbling code from their cardboard box, that nobody buys, the aegis of being an expert spokesperson for the industry, the community and the consumers. The special status granted to “Indie Dev’s” as some sort of industry defining force is insane. The games press so elevates this pack of low tier starving artists, largely populated by no business sense and poor life decisions, to some mythic level. Largely because the gaming press is by and large “them”. Starving indie writers and journalists.

    I know I’m ranting, but the media has printed Mr. Romaine’s “we have a strong case” quote, yet I have yet to see the obvious follow up question, “what sound legal advise is this based on?”

    • Michelle Lehto

      Honestly, you don’t need to be a genius to see that the Romine brothers have no real grasp on the way the law actually works. These are the Einsteins that thought “fair use” meant “your criticism is unfair”, remember?

  • Nihilum

    Oh that’s so sad. Said nobody ever.

  • Born2Rune

    Well, damn…as much as I despised those guys, they provided some entertainment. Someone else needs to step up to the plate!.

    • Monte

      We still have Konami

      • Born2Rune

        Ah yeah, that’s a point. We have that Metal Gear Survival coming, should be entertaining to see the fallout from that.

    • Have you heard of these things called “game journalists”? They migrate around social media, fearing much of the outside real world. Some of their antics include having public meltdowns, politicizing Forza Horizon 3’s environments, and even calling Tetris a commie simulator. These wild, untamed beasts oftentimes block those outside of their uncultured tribe, so you’ll likely have to find the infinite mounds of salt they produce through the hunter group known as Kotaku in Action.

      Well worth it if you have some time to spare.

  • Michael Ray

    Actually the games being pulled iddnt lose them money, maybe like 10 bucks but it lose them really anything since all their games are shitty and nobody in their right mind, unless for a complete joke, would buy them anyway

    • Gumbario

      a lot of ppl actually bought the games for the simple fact that they could sell the trading cards. most of these games where so cheap that you could make a small profit of like 0.5-1$ if you sell them.

      • WhiteNut

        No, people didn’t buy them, they got them free on the numerous continual giveaways they hosted.

  • Alistair

    “The studio is destroyed, stomped to the ground” It’s heart breaking but as expected, make shitty games, talk down your audience will be your undoing.

    I want to say sorry but i can’t, but it rather worrying jim shilling and regression lefts has tasted blood. Who’s next in Line.

    Wash, risne and repeat by strings of Devs leaving and finally the video games crash will come.

    You know the outcome before it even happen when the triple A dev goes under.

    • NeoTechni

      “talk down your audience”

      *sue your audience

    • SinkingSage

      What a stretch, shitty developer goes down, somehow it’s the regressive left’s fault?

      • Nathan Aldana

        trying to talk sense to an alt-right nutjob is like trying to communicate with an alien species using screaming and jumping jacks.

        • Alistair

          I dont see myself as one, but i do see another nutjob.

          Yes alt-right are evil fuckers and SJWs are saints or they’ve never existed Right.

          However i see myself as Anti-censorship BS makes me a fucking Nutjob, so be it, because regression left are Fucking outthere among other Nutjobs.

  • C G Saturation

    Damn, I wanted to make a joke about Digital Suicide too.

  • giygas

    It’s obvious that this lawsuit was purely for the money. Good riddance to Digital Suicide. Don’t let the door hit your ass.

  • Laytonaster

    It’s like watching a truck ram itself into a wall… and shattering into a million teeny tiny pieces while the wall is completely unscathed.

  • Celerity

    You know, they would still just be some shitty no name dev no one cares about if not for Jim Shilling making them infamous via a personal grudge. If it were anyone other than a completely shitty dev they’d attack him a lot more for an ongoing campaign/ against a dev team. I’m not saying DH doesn’t deserve mocking because they absolutely do. Just don’t forget this is another example of SJWs demonstrating they can drive a company out and the next one might actually produce good products.

    • See, the thing is… if they had taken the opportunity (after getting dumped on by Sterling) to work hard and fix up the Slaughtering Grounds to become a worthwhile and playable game, none of this would have happened.

      Wolf Brew Games got hit hard with a ton of negative feedback for the initial release of Slain!. They didn’t fight, they didn’t whine and they certainly didn’t attack their audience. You know what they did? They shut up, they hunkered down, they got to work and they fixed the game. Now it’s receiving nothing but praise.

      Digital Homicide had an opportunity to take all of that negative publicity and turn it into something positive. They didn’t, though. They fought fire with fire.

      There will always be a-holes looking to tear people down. The measure of a great man shines through when he can turn a dire situation into something auspicious. Digital Homicide failed to do that.

      • Aldershot

        holy fuck dude. Even in the comments your writing is inspired. here here!

      • Alistair

        Jim shilling, and regression lefts must be rubbing their hands while singing Another one bite the dust.

        This can be show to all Devs dont mess up we on to you.

        Piss off us gamers with censorship you be sorry, Piss off gamers with shitty games you be sorry etc etc.
        DH fault Wasn’t with censorship but to talk down their audience. In the end it cost them.

        Especially NISA they’ve made censored games with bugs.

        • The_Elder_Geek

          Wow, all you gamergate snotgoblins sound alike.

          • Snotgoblin is an upgrade over goobergarbler.

          • Alistair

            Let me guess a consumer revolt is bad right.

            Says a regressive lefty, I take them seriously then you’re total bullshit everything is bad and label people.

          • The_Elder_Geek

            Stay in school junior. Just because mommy buys you games doesn’t make you a consumer.

          • Alistair

            Nice try 2/10 for effort, because i most be the oldest junior, and yes i buy my own ecchi games.

            What you going to do about that? But this comming from you trolling others too.

            So whatever You’re pointless views are.

          • The_Elder_Geek

            Wow, such a limited vocabulary. I’m surprised you didn’t throw in “cuck”. If you’re older, then you’re an embarrassment.

          • Alistair

            There nothing wrong what i put, not my problem if you Don’t know the word ecchi.

            You’re the embarrassment one coming from Mary sue.

            1/10 for effort, that was a terrible Trolled this really must be rather upsetting that you’re dear shite Dev has gone under. Boo hooo.

          • The_Elder_Geek

            Wow, I was pointing out your complete lack of grammar and spelling skills but if you want to pretend it’s about “ecchi” go right ahead, kiddo.

          • Alistair

            There nothing wrong with my posts if you want to troll some more, i’m game, 656 posts and all of it for shitposting on Mary sue.

            From a “Cuck” like you.

          • The_Elder_Geek

            “Says a regressive lefty, I take them seriously then you’re total bullshit everything is bad and label people.” – this sentence is a grammatical mess.

            “There is nothing wrong *with* what I put”

            “What *are* you going to do about that? But this comming (coming) from you trolling others too.”

            “Edit: Well that explain(s) it, you Hoover over from the mary sue a femmist (feminist) SJWs like a retarded femmist (feminist).”

            I see you actually edited and fixed the “your” “you’re” issue. Good for you, but it’s intellectually dishonest to not at least acknowledge it.

          • Alistair

            I’m going to be big and let you have your’ve cheap shot at me, & let the facts speak for themselves.


            Of course you do know there this edit function.

          • The_Elder_Geek

            Oh no, you’ve outed me as someone who thinks Gamergaters and right-wing reactionaries are bad!

            Oh wait, I don’t care 🙂 Also, you’re still a moron.

            >Of course you do know there this edit function.

            Yes, but editing only after someone has pointed out your errors and not acknowledging the errors in the first place is dishonest.

          • Alistair

            Dishonest eh, I don’t want to be lectured from a troll that is butt hurt.

            I hit a nerve then by saying “I’m going to be big and….” and the better you come up with was Moron.

            What ever happened to your’ve moral compass, while you sort out this post I be playing with the game Valkyrie drive, a good echhi game.

            Your’ve the pathetic moron.

          • The_Elder_Geek

            LOL, what? I’m starting to think I’m talking to a poor quality markov bot.

          • Alistair

            You quick to deny & played you not at fault with that quote.

            Yeah right. It no good the more you come back at me, the more of a fool you become.

            I let you have the last insult, because what I seen on others people comments, that you’re a troll.


          • The_Elder_Geek

            Please for the love of God, quit playing so much vidya and take some remedial school classes. You can even take them online now.

          • JoeSislack

            Speaking from experience from taking remedial classes yourself?

          • The_Elder_Geek

            1/10 Not even a good try, just lazy.

        • Daniel Jensen

          DH DID censor people. And they did a lot more than talk down to people, hence the threats and eventually following through with suing people (though they certainly did do a lot of condescending talk too).

          Hell, if we’re going to start talking about the regressive left ruining everything, why not point out that DH wants to sue Valve for not creating a “Developer Safe Space”?

          • Alistair

            Oh yes i did know about that, i said DH made shitty games, & I did say while it heart breaking for a dev to close down.

            I can’t feel sorry for them, i also said DH did talk down to it’s audience.

            As for regression left while they’re didn’t brought down DH themselves. Would they’re be rather upset about the close down?

            I was making a example, what if PQube, maverlous, xseed close their downs the ones that made ecchi games that regression left hate.

            They’re Wouldn’t mind Those games are gone, how about GTA & any game that shows women in a bad light.

            And jim is a well know regression left, he wasn’t use to be one.

            He also said censorship is bad, i agree with you DH shot themselves in the foot. i bet they’re still feel bitter.

    • SinkingSage

      It was DH that sued Jim Sterling for a video, because he said the game sucked and he was right, how is this Jim’s fault? Bad reviews aren’t illegal.

    • Monte

      No, DH did this all to themselves. All Jim did at first was post a negative review of their game which is the job of game reviewers. DH however decided to attack Jim for his negative review and mess with his youtube channel in an attempt to silence his criticism; this went so far as trying to sue Jim. They were the ones who decided to escalate the issue and turn a single negative review into a shit storm.

      Had DH simply accepted JIm’s review of their shitty game they would have remained below the radar. DH never had any intention of being a REAL developer. They just wanted to scam gamers and abuse the systems within steam to make money off the trading cards