Doom Free Update Brings Three New Modes And Classic SnapMap Parts

Bethesda just posted up on their main blog site an update covering Doom’s fourth free update. The FPS game by id Software now sports an Arcade Mode, two new multiplayer modes to explore, and Classic Modules that will bring the roots of Doom to SnapMap. Doom is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

The newly implemented Arcade Mode lets Doom Marines play every level with all guns, Runes and equipment upgrades fully unlocked. Folks can also customize gear, guns and Praetor suits before each run to see how each custom setup works. Marines can also compete against friends and player worldwide for the highest score by quickly killing demons, and avoiding any damage dealt by any adversary.

The new update also brings Classic Doom modules to SnapMap so that you can build new maps using the assets based on the classic Doom games. But, if you aren’t into creating stages and seek to blast demons down, there are some pre-made stages that you can play rocking the classic Doom textures and design.

As for the new multiplayer modes nestled in the fourth update, players can now explore Prowlers vs. Marines and Bloodrush. The former mode is like a virus mode where if one Marine dies they turn into a Prowler. As for the latter mode, Blood Rush, players must keep their Bloodrush meter up in order to stay alive. Like one would expect the meter will drain over time resulting in the player’s death, so it means come hell or high water.

You can watch the most recent video for Doom that boasts all the new features in Update 4, which sits below.

As noted above, Doom is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you seek more information on Doom or Update 4 you can read the full blog post over on


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