Dungeon Of Zaar Turn-Based Strategy Game Planned For Nintendo NX Release

French developers Kurb Studio recently announced that their game Dungeon of Zaar has launched on Kickstarter. The game is seeking $28,000 in funding over the course of a month, and with 26 days left they’ve already managed to rack up more than $6,400 as of the writing of this article.

The real highlight of the game, however, is that if they can get funded in time they have plans on launching Dungeon of Zaar on PC, Linux, Mac and on the Nintendo NX next year by summer of 2017.

So what is Dungeon of Zaar? It’s a tactical, dungeon-crawling, turn-based strategy game that’s mirrored after titles like Magic: The Gathering, Final Fantasy: Tactics and a dash of Hearthstone.

You can check out the pitch video to get an idea of what the developers have in store for gamers with the upcoming title.

Dungeon of Zaar can be played in single-player offline mode, local hotseat mode or online. You can go around and collect a variety of mercenaries similar to deck building in CCG titles. Each mercenary in the game has its own stats and abilities, and mixing and matching them will help build your team’s strategic offensive and defensive capabilities.

The developers are promising battle encounters with the AI and against other players to last no longer than 15 minutes, which is pretty fast for a tactical turn-based strategy game.

There is a crafting mechanic in the game as well so you can grow and upgrade your team’s equipment and items.

According to the Kickstarter page, Dungeon of Zaar will launch with a single-player quest, mode, a training mode against the AI, a ranked dungeon mode against other players online, a free dungeon mode featuring random dungeon arenas, along with custom game types and local modes.

If this sounds like a game you might be interested in but you’re just not entirely convinced that this is something you should commit any amount of money to, there’s no worries. The developers released a free downloadable demo for both PC and Mac. You can download the PC version here or the Mac version here.

If you’re already convinced that this is the sort of game that you want to see come to fruition, especially on the Nintendo NX (and we all know Nintendo could use every bit of help they can get from third-parties) you can check out more info or pledge to the project by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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