Farming Simulator 2017 Walkthrough Guide

Giants’ Farming Simulator 2017 is out and about for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The game supports mods on the three major console and PC platforms. The game features some brand new content and options that was not available in Farming Simulator 2015. If you need a little bit of help in getting started, checking out some of the new vehicles, understanding how to navigate the new Goldcrest Valley map or utilizing some of the equipment, there are some walkthrough guides available for Farming Simulator 2017.

YouTuber Daggerwin starts off with a garage tour to explain what each piece of farming equipment does and how they can be used to help you grow your farming business. You can check out the eight minute video below.

In the video he covers how you can use the different Forestmaster units and customize their attachments for various activities, from buckets to grinders.

He also items such as saws for cutting down trees, stump cutters, trailers for carrying trees, planters, and tractor trailers and wood chippers.

The game is extremely detailed when it comes to machinery and complex workflow in Farming Simulaor 2017.

Farming Simulator 2017

Some of the machines, such as the Scorpion King, which can cut down and store trees all in one go.

There’s also a video covering all of the game’s tractors, plowers and other heavy machinery, which ranges from everything like the small haulers to the big behemoths. You can check that out below, courtesy of TheNorthernAlex.

The objective is to land farming contracts, carry out the work and grow your own farm. You can modify some of the game settings to make things easier or harder, such as plant growth speed, traffic being on or off while driving down the road, the timescale that affects growth and the speed rate, along with fuel usage, plant-withering and fertilizer states.

Daggerwin does a career mode on Goldcrest Valley, which is the new map in the series that Giants Software implemented. Farming Simulator 2017 also introduces a new farmer customization option where you can choose between a male and a female or a different color shirt for the farmer.

You can check out the first video in the playlist below, which covers the basics of gameplay, including the controls – with WASD controlling the player and the ‘9’ numerical key changing the mini-map. You can check out the first video below.

Daggerwin does a fantastic job of walking gamers through every single step of the gameplay, including getting into the harvester, and starting up the harvester by pressing ‘B’ to start the harvester’s tool to begin harvesting.

They mention that you can hire NPC helpers to help cover some of the work.

You start off with some basic farming equipment for storage, a harvester, a tractor and a pickup truck.

In the video he showcases using an NPC to use the harvester while he uses the other tractor to gather up the goods in the trailer.

Farming Simulator 2017 - Harvester

You’ll need to use a tractor with a cultivator to cultivate the land before you can plant down seeds for sowing the ground. You’ll need a separate vehicle to sow the land. You can press the ‘Y’ button on the keyboard to switch between the seeds being planted.

If you are in the grain tractor with the trailer, head to the barn storage and ride up onto the ramp and press ‘I’ to dump the contents through the grate that will store your grain.

You can also sell various types of goods to different areas. There’s a map filter screen that gives you an idea of where you can acquire certain types of food and both where and how you can sell them.

Farming Simulator 2017 - Map Overview

Keep in mind that if you decide to hire NPC helpers to give you a land, you will have to pay them for the time that they work for you. You’ll burn through your finances pretty quickly the more helpers you hire, so keep that in mind.

You can unload various types of goods over the unload points on the map to earn cash for the crops and goods that you harvest.

There’s a separate playlist available covering the game’s more complex elements, including various fields that contain contracting jobs. The contracting jobs sometimes give you the machinery from the start so you won’t have always have to buy new equipment to complete some of the missions. The first contracting job starts at the 5 minute mark in the first video in the playlist below.

For some of the missions, such as fertilizing the field, you may be requirement to hook up equipment to both the front and the back of a tractor. Daggerwin showcases how you connect both pieces of equipment by going up to them and pressing the ‘Q’ button on the keyboard.

You can also learn more about Farming Simulator 2017 by paying a visit to the game’s official website.


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