Five Nights At Freddy’s Sister Location Ending Explained
(Last Updated On: October 9, 2016)

Like the previous Five Nights at Freddy’s games, players take on the role of a guard working the night shift at a sister location to the original Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. The sister location features the new Funtime animatronics for the Funtime Auditorium shows.

The player must survive five nights, just like in the other games. Throughout each night the guard is faced with some troubles as some of the animatronics begin to come to life, led by Ballora, a new ballerina animatronic.

The night guard is warned about Ballora by another animatronic come to life, Circus Baby. She explains to him how she is possessed and that they oftentimes try to “fix” the animatrons by “scooping” them out in the scooping room. This involves taking out their endoskeleton and placing them in a new unit. However, Circus Baby explains that even after visiting the scooping room they’re still broken.

Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location

It’s revealed that Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy and Ballora – along with a few others – have been killing people at the Funtime Auditorium. During the fourth night when two repairmen come to fix Ballora, she and Foxy end up killing them and hanging them on the stage where they usually perform.

The night guard is coaxed by Circus Baby to attempt to “fix” her in the repair room. After taking out Circus Baby’s chip, Baby convinces the night guard to head to the scooping room, but he’s waylaid by Ballora who is attempting to kill him. The guard has no way to defend himself since the lights are all out but Baby convinces Ballora that the night guard is there to help them and to let him live.

The guard is then directed through the dark toward the scooping room where Circus baby reveals her grand plan: since the managers keep scooping out the animatronics after people have accidents or die around them, the animatronic puppets decided that they would have to escape but they couldn’t do so in the suits. Circus Baby came up with the plan to convince the night guard to help her, and that she would help him survive in return. However, after the night guard gets to the scooping room Baby uses the scooper to gut the night guard and take over his body.

The game ends by showing the night guard back at home, staring in the mirror. Before the game fades out to the credits, the guard’s eyes light up to reveal that he’s possessed by Circus Baby.

In one of the secret endings, as recorded by RabidRetrospectGames, the night guard can venture into the private room through the Funtime Auditorium instead of going to the scooping room during night five. If done successfully, the guard ends up in the private room that has monitors and security panels to keep the animatornics out.

A separate segment plays indicating that the night guard will be fired the next day for going into the private room, but first he must survive through the night against the animatronics coming to get him, especially the ones who now feel betrayed.

At the end of the shift, the guard returns home and begins watching television. However, after watching his program one of the animatronics from the scooping room follow him home and walks in front of him as the screen fades to black.

Some theories is that Ennard has taken over Baby’s voice after she’s been to the scooping room and attempts to lure the night guard into the scooping room in order to take over his body. It’s explained that the night guard’s eyes reflect Ennard’s eyes at the end when looking in the mirror and not Baby’s eyes.

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  • Seratte

    Ennard is the murderous programming in all the animatronics. Thats why baby said she wasn’t herself when she killed the girl. So ennard is an a.i built into all the animatronics and he was in the chip that you removed from baby. Baby was possessed by Aftons daughter and thats what gave her a seperate consiousness but you apparently got rid of her.

  • Ghost

    William, I am never going to play any game in this series. You might as well stop covering it. All that matters is what I like!

  • Elijah Seets

    But in the real ending, how does Ennard follow you home? At that point it has no human body to leave with, so how does it successfully get away?

    • It crawls out using the remaining working parts from the scooping room. Remember what Baby says on Night 3? They wait patiently pretending even when no one’s around. In that case, Ennard wasn’t waiting, and simply took the opportunity to follow the night guard home since the other two repairmen who usually scoop out the violent animatronics were dead.

  • Elijah Seets

    But in the whole reason Mr. Afton keeps coming back is to either right his wrongs in creating the animitronic era or to avenge his daughter, who was killed by baby. The last thing he would do is help them escape and wreak havoc.

  • John Doyle

    Based on all of the info I’ve seen about the ending…

    Ennard escapes in the player’s body, having harvested parts from the other animatronics. The reason that the player appears to have purple eyes in the REAL ENDING is that Ennard had also harvested Ballora’s eyes (as can be seen in the scooping room as the player is about to be killed).

  • Helly

    Enard has blue eyes… Baby has green..

    • Reid Heidler

      Actually, Ennard has eyes belonging to all the different animatronics, aside from Ballora, Bidybab & Minireena — speaking of which, it’s actually Ballora’s eyes we see in the security guard’s body at the real end of Sister Location. In the picture below, we see the protagonist’s body with purple eyes — the color of eyes Ballora has. In other words, we see a possessed, homicidal robot escape in a human body (or at least human skin), thus beginning The Purple Guy.

  • Cellina

    I though the last one was a fake one.. I forgot what you tuber was playing and once the video faded to play, it said fake

    • Mike Howard


  • The private room holds additional monitoring software similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. That’s how you get the alternate ending if you travel into the room instead of following Baby’s instructions when she’s directing you to the scooping room.

    • Zonnoser

      Explained wrong* Baby does not steal your body as baby as already been scooped, Ennard does, the alternative ending shows that Ennard has stolen Baby’s voice. The proof of this is the eyes of the nightguard”skin suit” are purple not green like Baby’s.

      • Thanks for the explanation, I’ll update that bit to better clarify.

      • Helly

        But Enard has blue eyes when you look at his jumpscare.

        • SpectralXFiend

          The eyes seen in the mirror at the end are Ballora’s, which Ennard harvested after she was scooped.

      • Elijah Seets

        Wait, I thought Ennard was ALL of the animitronics, created to be a combination of them all so they could all escape in one body. That’s why they were all “scooped”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that was why Ennard had characteristics of them all, with baby being the leader as it was her idea.

        • Zonnoser

          It is more probable that he builds himself from other people’s parts as what can be presumed as the real baby saves you with the information about Ballora.

          • No, she doesn’t save you with the info about Ballora, she doesn’t want Ballora to kill you because she needs your body.