Gears Of War 4 Ending Explained
(Last Updated On: October 13, 2016)

The Coalition and Microsoft dropped Gears of War 4 onto the gaming public, ushering in the new era of third-person shooting action for PC and Xbox One gamers. The new title stars a trio of new characters with some cameos by a few, older, familiar faces. Some of you might be wondering about the game’s ending and what it all means; thankfully there’s a bit of an explanation for it all.

JD Fenix and his two friends, Del and Kait, try to steal a Fabricator from a COG settlement, which causes them to get chased and attacked by the COG’s drone soldiers. They manage to escape and head back to their village but they get attacked at the village by mysterious monsters.

Gears of War 4

The monsters use Snatchers to snatch up and take all the villagers away. The kids recruit the help of JD’s dad, Marcus Fenix, to help them rescue the villages and get Kait’s mom back. With the help of pops, JD and his wonder friends track the monsters, called The Swarm, to their hideout in some abandoned mines up in the mountains. Marcus ends up getting captured by a Snatcher and the kids end up rescuing Marcus from the Swarm.

While in the Swarm’s lair they discover that the Swarm is actually just an evolved version of the Locust Horde. After the COG defeated the Locust many of them cocooned up in crystal shells, and the COG buried the Locusts in the mine shafts and other burial sites.

The Locusts are attempting to rebuild their army but they’re short on forces, so they use the Swarm to capture humans and put them in the cocoons, which eventually turn them into Drones. The kids find out that everyone from the village have been killed and turned into Drones, except for the leader of the village, Kait’s mother.

Gears of War 4 - Baird

When Marcus was captured by the Swarm, he was tapped into their neural network briefly and he discovered that Kait’s mother was being held at a separate Locust burial site. This leads the kids and Marcus toward the burial site, which is near a decommissioned dam.

The kids end up getting help from Baird, Sam and Cole “Train”, who help them get into the main lair of the Swarm using giant mechs. The kids end up defeating a giant Swarm tentacle monster using the mechs, and then they find Kait’s mother hooked up to the Swarm’s neural network inside the burial site cave, where she’s slowly being assimilated into their group as their new queen. Kait ends up cutting her mother down, which kills her.

Kait is given a pendant at the end by her mother before she died, saying it belonged to her “grandmother” but she never knew her. The ominous music hints at Kait’s relation to the Locust queen from the previous trilogy, who was killed in the previous games by Delta Squad. It also hints at what’s to come in the next game.

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  • Gorgon

    Is it just me, or does this not look very impressive graphically? Visuals don’t seem to have much improvement over previous games.

    • Not just you. A bunch of people mentioned the same thing in the IGN comparison video, saying that the original GoW from 10 years ago didn’t look too far off from Gears of War 4, graphically.

    • Premature Procrastinator

      You have obviously not seen it in person, I have, and it’s the one of the best looking games to date. On my x1 s and 4k hdr tv it’s jaw dropping. At times it looks like live action. Bear in mind videos on YouTube and the internet are rarely a good indication of visual quality due to compression etc.

      • Even with compression some games actually still look really good, like Gears of War 1. It always amazes me when people use the compression excuse when in reality the game just isn’t that visually impressive. At times Mafia III looks impressive, much more so than Gears 4, but oh man did they screw up with the hair on some of the characters.

        Gears 4 is far from achieving live-action fidelity.

      • Bievahh

        Why would your x1s and a 4k TV matter at all? Xbox One S cannot play 4k games lol, maybe if you were on a PC I’d take what you said seriously.

        • Corgor

          Xbox one s does have hdr, which he says his tv has. I heard hdr makes a difference but I haven’t seen it. Also his tv could have some form of upscaling making it look better then on 1080. Also, yes compression makes a games graphics appear worse. Always. Still can tell if a game will look “good” or not but compression will always mean worse graphics. I thought the game looked good, not as good as some other games, id say slightly above normal. The art style makes it look similar to old games but everything is better (just saying everything is better sounds dumb but I’m hoping people will understand) always remember kids gameplay > graphics

      • Mr Xrat

        Gears 4 looks like a last-gen game. Desperate damage control from another boring Xbox shill.

        Not as desperate as your hope that the 6TF doesn’t just apply to the GPU. You’re in for one hell of a nasty surprise in a year. I hope you prepare yourself instead of stay in denial like you did with DX12.