GTA 5 Videos Featuring Exploding Galaxy Note 7 Get Hit By Samsung Lawyers

Samsung is going around copyright claiming (or striking?) videos featuring a GTA V mod that allows users to blow things up with a Samsung phone. Quite naturally, various YouTubers uploaded videos of the mod, showing it off, and Samsung came after them because they don’t understand how censorship and the Streisand effect work.

Hard OCP is one of many reporting on Samsung’s attack on the YouTube community featuring GTA V mods, where they link to an image of the original video featuring the exploding Galaxy Note 7 mod, which is now no longer available for viewing due to Samsung.

The mod supposedly went famous because in real life there were people saying that they were having issues with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s actually exploding. It was widespread enough that it made it into GTA V as a mod.

The mod for the game became popular enough that people began mimetically sharing the notion that Galaxy Note 7’s explode. Samsung didn’t like it and… well, the rest is copyright history.

YouTuber Olli43 still has up a video showcase of the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which works similar to a remote detonator… perfect for terrorists who can’t afford a bomb vest.

Other YouTubers like DoctorGTA claimed that Samsung also hit him with a copyright strike, forcing the video off YouTube. Other YouTubers have stated that they were allowed to re-upload the video after Samsung removed the copyright strike against them.

Some have stated that it depends on how the videos are titled and whether or not they include the words “bomb” or how “explosion” is used in context with the Galaxy Note 7.

You can download the mod right now from over on by modder HitmanNiko, and get the exploding Galaxy Note 7 for the PC version of GTA V. A few users are still reporting that some YouTube videos are still getting hit with copyright claims by Samsung, so be careful in how you plan on using this mod or uploading footage focused on the mod.


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