Hartacon Tactics Brings Turn-Based Strategy Action To Greenlight

Indie developer Charlie Fleed recently posted Hartacon Tactics to Steam Greenlight. The game holds similar traits to Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics, and challenges players to tactical and strategic gameplay. Hartacon Tactics is set to come out for PC, and is currently seeking votes on Greenlight.

The latest indie game to hit Steam Greenlight comes in as a tactics-based strategy title, which goes by the name of Hartacon Tactics. Without wasting anytime, you can watch the newly posted trailer below.

As for details regarding Hartacon Tactics, the turn-based tactical RPG features hand-painted 2D art, and grid-based movement (as seen above). Players will be able to hire other characters, build up unique classes, and strengthen their team by learning new skills and buying weapons.

If battling enemy AIs aren’t your thing in the single-player campaign, you can challenge other players in multiplayer battles. The multiplayer version still brings the same mechanics to the table, so the only thing that needs to be studied is your counterparts.

Furthermore, some of the classes featured in the game consist of a knight, dwarf, and lionman. Like any other RPG the game will feature more classes to choose from. Each class will vary in what they have to offer in terms of movement speed, attack power, and so on.

Weapons will also play an important role in winning, which the current weapons listed in the game consist of swords, bows, axes, hammers and knives. Each weapon holds special characteristics, and attack patterns that inflect unique properties on an enemy.

Magic can cause elemental status effects on enemies, as well as doing long range AoE damage. Players who have a magic wielder on their team will be able to induce paralysis, darkness and other helpful properties on opposing forces that will be essential to your victory.

To learn more about Hartacon Tactics you can head on over to indiedb.com, or you can hit up Steam Greenlight to vote for the game.


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