Hello Neighbor Video Features 12 Minutes Of Gameplay

The new game from Dynamic Pixels, Hello Neighbor, is an upcoming horror game that takes a completely different take on stealth-oriented gameplay. A 12 minute video has been made public to give gamers an idea of what the mechanics are like in Hello Neighbor.

The video starts at the beginning of the game where players attempt to get into their new house, which requires killing a crow nesting on the top of overhang. The key ends up glitching through the floor so they have to skip ahead to where they are trying to get into the neighbor’s house.

The video was posted up over on the MathChief channel, featuring douche bags commentating while the game is being demonstrated. You can check out the video below featuring an early alpha build in a demo house.

The object is to sneak into the house, and attempt to get your hands on some gear. I don’t know exactly what the objective was but they explain that you don’t want to be caught by the evil neighbor. You can use distractions, break windows and climb around to get inside the house.

The neighbor has a routine where players will have to learn his patterns and attempt to get around in his house to acquire what you need. You can hide behind objects to avoid being spotted, and you can hold up to four different items.

The finished game will feature a completely different house. The neighbor’s house in the video above is only there for testing and demo purposes. The team have been spending a lot of time ironing out the game’s AI and ensuring that things function properly so that it’s a right proper challenge for players.

In the particular build above the game obviously has some glitches and we see plenty of stuff clipping through objects and falling through the floor. Nevertheless, the concept for Hello Neighbor is pretty cool and the horror elements are handled in a very different way, especially given that it’s just a guy instead of some big monster or supernatural entity.

Hello Neighbor is still a ways off from release, but it looks promising.


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