Indie Game Sim, Game Maker Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

It’s nice to see that more devs are making more games that random everyday gamers can use to make their own games. These entries are always good because it promotes creativity and encourages making new things within the interactive entertainment space. That being said,, Lost Decade Games seeks to bring their Indie Game Sim through the Greenlight phase on Steam.

Developer Lost Decade Games just submitted their 2D pixel creating game to Steam Greenlight. This project, like others, brings a substantial amount of tools to the table that let your pixel game come to life.

Instead of Indie Game Sim being a faceless pixel game with assets that you can use to make whatever, there are achievements and a market place for you to spend your in-game currency on to buy more parts and to make better stages. So it’s like Super Mario Maker in terms of completing specific tasks and objectives in-game to unlock other tools.

Everything written above about Indie Game Sim can be found below in the game’s description:

“Design your own games for fame and fortune. Create your games by hand, publish them on a fantasy marketplace like Steam, buy better game development tools, and make a fortune. Conquer your own self-doubt and become the creator you dream of becoming.”

As noted above, I’m really liking that there are more projects like this that encourage gamer alike to create their own projects without having to learn time consuming code, scripts and other properties to make a game. Projects like Indie Game Sim allow talented and not so talented people to create games and practice with a bevy amount of tools, and share their work with others without ripping people off with real cash — seeing how the game holds a wannabe Steam store with in-game cash.

You can watch the newly posted video trailer below.

If you feel like this game needs support you can head on over to Steam Greenlight to vote for it. For more information on the devs you can hit up


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