Iron Tides, Viking Survival Game Has One Week Left On Kickstarter

Crash Wave Games have been trudging through the trenches of the crowd-funding space throughout the end of September and most of October. They have about a week left (at the time of the writing of this article) for their Viking-themed, turn-based strategy survival game called Iron Tides.

The small project features rogue-like gameplay, multiple classes, turn-based combat and physics-based deaths.

Each Viking class has their own skill set and that becomes vital when combating rival clans, bandits, pirates and raiders. The game takes on the pull-no-punches design of Stoic Studios’ The Banner Saga, insofar that players will have to make tough choices throughout the game and sometimes sacrifice crew members when food gets low, or dump treasure when resources need replenishing but space is limited.

You can check out the Kickstarter pitch video below to get an idea of what Crash Wave Games is going for.

The team at Crash Wave are looking for funds to finish off development of Iron Tide. They want a proper base for the Vikings to return home to, better audio design and some light voice acting.

Part of the goal of the game is to loot and plunder and discover lost colonies. The game board is based on tabletop games and procedurally generates different layouts each time you play.

Th procedural generation doesn’t just end with the isles that you’ll be exploring throughout the game, this also applies to the Viking classes as well. Each Viking will have four abilities, one of which is a base attack and three others that will randomly be applied, so no two Viking classes in the game will be alike.

Majority of the budget will go toward polishing up the game, finishing up development and adding in the remaining assets. They’ve managed to acquire $9,661 out of the $14,240 Kickstarter goal. They have a week left to gather up funds so we’ll see if they can pull it in tight and deliver the goods before time runs out.

Iron Tides was one of the projects that managed to get a fairly high user approval rating on the Square Enix Collective. You can learn more about Iron Tides or pledge some funds to the project by visiting the Kickstarter page.


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