Killing My Friend Is A 4-Player Co-op Action Movie Shooter

Hard-Boiled Software released a trailer recently for their upcoming game, Killing, My Friend, which is due to head onto IndieGoGo for a crowd-funding phase soon. The title is the evolution of their work over the years that started with Action Half-Life, upgraded to Double Action Boogaloo and is now building on a new era of conceptual action-gameplay design thanks to the power of the Unreal Engine 4.

Citing inspiration from John Wick, Die Hard and the greatest squibbed action movie ever put to celluloid, Hard Boiled, the upcoming Killing, My Friend is a four-player cooperative action title that aims to elevate the action genre in gaming, which has admittedly stalled when it comes to creativity and ingenuity.

Words can be enticing but video is where the loads explode, and Hard-Boiled Software brought plenty for all to see. You can check out the IndieGoGo promo trailer below showing the game in action.

Of course, the game is rough around the edges, which is why they’re currently gathering funds and hoping to give gamers a polished gameplay experience when all is said and done. They managed to overcome the Steam Greenlight process and they’re gunning to gather up some funds and then head to Early Access.

As the trailer depicts, there’s a lot of John Woo-inspired shoot-dodging, flying, running and jumping. Much like The Matrix: Path of Neo, you can effortlessly use acrobatics during shootouts, and there’s plenty of physics-based reactions happening within the environment. You can also play in either first-person or third-person.

The game is a little like a shooting version of THQ’s Stuntman. The objective is to perform various takes and shoot, stab and blow up the enemies in order to help the director make the ultimate big-budget action movie.

The game does a couple of different things that are worth noting. Light damage allows you to auto-heal like most newer FPS games, but lingering damage will require another player to heal you. Alternatively, if you’re playing solo you can bandage yourself. If you get wounded too often and you can’t heal yourself, your injury will cost you the take.

Scoring is oftentimes based on how stylish you make the kills, so the more acrobatic and cool you are during a take, the higher the score.

They have costume customization available so you can outfit your character with different clothing, there’s permanent modifications to unlock to increase your character’s abilities on-set, and the weapons are designed to be balanced based on looks and appeal rather than realism. So if you want to go akimbo against someone using a sniper rifle… feel free to have a go at it.

There are a lot more features that they roll out on the IndieGoGo page, including different objectives that change how players will complete missions – such as reaching a goal, acquiring a McGuffin or destroying a boss – as well as weapon modifications and themed movie modes such as playing as a Western or during the Prohibition era.

They also plan on adding in Steam Workshop support for custom mods.

If you think this is a game you would like to see come to fruition, you can learn more about it by visiting the official website, or contribute to the cause by visiting the IndieGoGo Page.


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