Killing Room, Rogue-Like Horror FPS Wins Gamers Over On Steam

Alda Games’ independent, rogue-like, first-person horror shooter, Killing Room, has officially launched on Steam and so far the feedback has been quite positive.

The game takes place in a reality TV environment that parodies today’s degenerate network television offerings. Players are a contestant in a popular 22nd century survival game show where they must survive the killing rooms.

The objective is to make it through each room while facing off against the monstrosities seeking to claw you down, eat you up, drill you through, burn you out and chew you to pieces. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

The feedback has been surprisingly positive from users. The indie title making its way onto Steam for just $9.99 resonated well with fans, especially given that it features more than eight different randomly generated levels with random enemy placements, 25 different enemy types, 15 different weapons, and 150 different items to collect.

Rikster liked the more technical aspects, saying the devs put in quality work…

“I applaud this developer. This game has a lot of quality features most FPS fans look for; FOV slider – it’s in there, DX11 graphics – it’s in there, great 3D modeling – it’s in there! Also ingame textures look pretty good as well. In my opinion, the devs worked hard to create a quality game. “

BushidoRed points out that the game works well as a rogue-FPS, writing…

“A decent rogue like with a decent amount of chaos and a good feel to it. It isn’t perfect but it is challenging, and the Dev’s seem pretty genuine; plus the voice acting is PERFECT (never change it <3)”

DMGaina also liked the game but felt the shooting needed more work, writing..

“The game has a LOT of potential. It has clever ideas, nice graphics, a wonderful presentation and a great interaction model between the player and spectators.


“However one of the most essential aspect of the game is falling flat on it’s face and that is the shooting. It is simply not that much fun, way too slow and overall not satisfying.”

Gaina’s impressions are mirrored often by the negative reviews. There are two main issues that many of the negative reviews bring up: the difficulty – they say it’s way too hard for newbies due to the random level generation and the traps that can spring up on you if you aren’t careful, and the shooting mechanics.

The big issue most have with the shooting mechanics is that they rely on the stats that you build up like an RPG, similar to Fallout, XCOM or Wasteland. Shooter fans don’t want to have to invest points into the aiming and therefore they feel this makes the game bad. RPG fans, alternatively, like that the game requires stat building and don’t mind the aiming and gunplay since that can be improved by leveling up.

For the most part, a majority of the reviews are positive, and some of the negative reviews state that if the RPG elements are taken away so they can be instant-CoD gods then they might change their review. It’s a tricky situation for the dev and a lot of it depends on which one appeals most to the community.

Killing Room is available right now for only $9.99 but you can get it for 40% off during the first week on the Steam store for only $5.99.


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