Klang, Hardcore EDM Soundtrack Available For Purchase From iTunes, Spotify

Remixer bLiNd and GameChops worked on getting the Klang soundtrack up and out to the general public. The game recently released at the end of September last month and the soundtrack is currently available for purchase through Steam, but if you’re interested in having the soundtrack on your iPhone or MP3 player, you can also grab a copy of it from the iTunes App Store or Spotify.

The soundtrack for Klang was put together by bLiNd but was mastered by Dj Cutman. One of the game’s soundtracks was uploaded to GameChops, which you can listen to below to get an idea of just how hardcore the electronic dance music is in the game.

So yeah, it’s very hardcore.

The soundtrack is available for digital purchase for $9.99. There are a total of 34 tracks included in the pack, which is a pretty healthy selection of EDM songs. You can pick up a copy from over on the iTunes App Store, the Google Play store or from Spotify. The Google Play rendition is actually $0.50 cheaper than the iTunes version and you can also listen to it for free as part of a month long trial for Google Play’s music shop.

Now you’re probably wondering what the actual gameplay for Klang is like. Well, it’s similar to what you see in the video above, interspersed between cinematics and the logo screen. You’ll have to battle your way through visually pulse-pounding stages as the rhythm of the music synchs with the in-game combat, requiring both reflexes and timing to carry out attacks based on the beat of the music.

They also have up the album list that you can listen to over on bLiNd’s official Klang page to get an idea of what some of the other music is like in the game before committing to a purchase.

Oh man, that Peak Waves track is legit. What a cool song.

If you’re interested in actually learning more about Klang or picking up a digital copy, you can do so by hitting up the game’s Steam store page. It’s available right now for $14.99 from Tinimations and Show Cannon Games.


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