Laser Disco Defenders, 1970s Themed Bullet-Hell Shooter Set To Hit PS4 November 15th

Excalibur Publishing announced that their bullet-hell, omni-directional shooter is set to arrive on the PS4 starting November 15th. The name of the game is Laser Disco Defenders and it’s themed after the cheese of the 1970s.

An announcement trailer featured gameplay for the upcoming shooter due out in the middle of November. We get to see a number of gameplay segments that reveal how the game is played, including that players will be able to take down foes by shooting lasers at them. The thing is, the lasers don’t leave. This means players will have to dodge their own lasers to avoid getting destroyed.

The game’s focus is on moving around within a limited space while dodging your own laser fire. The added challenge of trying to ensure that you aren’t killing yourself while taking down the baddies gives the game a unique flavor of difficulty.

Players will blast through levels playing different defenders all set to the tunes of 1970s disco. The instrumental soundtrack fused with the colorful backgrounds and fast-paced gameplay is themed after other games in the genre such as Nuclear Throne, Binding of Isaac and Super Stardust HD.

In addition to the action, drama and the groovy soundtrack, there is also option to customize your defender as they progress through the levels. You can add or remove accessories or give them completely different outfits, themed after the era of the 1970s.

I don’t know how well a game like this will do on the PS4 when there are so many other games all dropping during the month of November and not to mention that there have been a bunch of big games that just dropped this October, but there’s likely going to be some gamers who might like a budget-priced shooter to play over the holiday season for their PS4.

For more info on Laser Disco Defenders feel free to visit the official website.


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