Logan Trailer Has Many People Comparing It To The Last Of Us

Apparently Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley really managed to hit a nerve in the wider consciousness of media enthusiasts and movie fans the world around with their 2013 release of The Last of Us, because a lot of people seem to be bringing it up in relation to the upcoming Wolverine flick starring Hugh Jackman. The award-winning game is now being compared against the new trailer from Fox for their upcoming film, Logan.

There’s a bit of an uncanny semblance between Joel from The Last of Us and Hugh Jackman from Logan. The similarities between the two mostly stems from the fact that there’s an older, grizzled man with a younger girl, for whom he sort of takes on a surrogate father role to. The trailer for the movie actually looks really good, and the editing for the clip is spot on. Check it out below.

The reaction from most viewers was positive and also very much inclined to bring up The Last of Us.

There are even a bunch of websites running headlines about the similarities between Naughty Dog’s game and Fox’s upcoming movie.

If Fox was smart they would avoid any other trailers for the movie save for maybe a TV spot or something that recycles the clips from the trailer above. The marketing team knocked it out of the park there and any follow-up trailer could potentially spoil or ruin the movie’s apocalyptic appeal.

The general plot follows old man Logan as he and Professor Xavier attempt to rescue a little girl who supposedly has powers like Logan. Within the framework of the movie’s lore, mutants appear to be dying off and so this mutant girl is a bit of an anomaly. Many fans of the comic books are suggesting that this new character will be X-23.


I am a little worried about the direction of the movie.. the X-Men films don’t have a good track record of being well thought out or well executed. The Wolverine was pretty decent and had a cool crime-drama vibe to it, but the rest of those movies are just awful. Let’s hope that Jackman’s final trip out as the clawed crusader will be a noteworthy one and hopefully will be a properly told story with a consistent and cohesive narrative flow.

Some fans were worried that the “Old Man Logan” story wouldn’t work on the big screen because it involved incest between the Hulk and She-Hulk, but James Mangold and crew seem to have taken a Last of Us approach to the movie, and it doesn’t look bad. The comic book flick is expetced to hit theaters on March 3rd, 2017.


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