Mafia 3 Endings Explained
(Last Updated On: October 12, 2016)

Hangar 13 Studios’ Mafia III is definitely making the rounds across PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is being talked about quite a bit in most circles, and despite lacking a lot of features from Mafia II, it still seems to be quite popular. Well, some gamers are wondering what’s going on with the game’s endings? The endings are explained here for those of you who may have missed what was happening.

Lincoln Clay gets back from the Vietnam war and gets asked to help out his surrogate father Sammy take care of some business and pay back the local mobster that runs New Bordeaux, Sal Marcano. Clay agrees to help Sammy by doing a mission for Marcano. However, Marcano offers Clay the opportunity to betray Sammy and take over the Hollow district but Lincoln declines.

Lincoln Clay goes on the mission with Giorgi to rob the federal reserve and give Marcano his cut. Accompanying Lincoln are his friends Ellis and Danny. After successfully robbing the bank, however, Sal Marcano and his son Giorgi betray Sammy, Ellis, Danny and Lincoln, shooting and stabbing them and then setting their place on fire and burning it to the ground.

A local priest, Father James, who was friends with Sammy and Lincoln happened to be in the area and went into the burning building to rescue Lincoln, who had been shot in the head but did not die.

Mafia III

After nursing him back to health with the help of an old friend from Vietnam named Donovan, Lincoln decides to plot his revenge against Giorgi and Sal Marcano. Donovan works for the CIA and gathers intel while Lincoln does all the dirty work, killing Marcano’s men and deconstructing his rackets.

Lincoln manages to recruit an old nemesis of Sammy’s who was also a nemesis of Marcano… the Haitian gangster, Cassandra. She helps Lincoln take over Marcano’s prostitution and drug rings. Lincoln also recruits Vito from Mafia II, working with him to take down other lieutenants working for Marcano. Danny’s father, Burke, also joins Lincoln as a way to get revenge for his son being killed by Marcano.

Eventually Lincoln makes his way to the Paradiso casino to kill Marcano and his son Giorgi after Donovan taps their phones and discovers their hiding place. Lincoln goes to the casino and kills Giorgi, he also has the choice of killing Marcano, which results in Lincoln stabbing him in the chest and kicking him out of the window to his death. Alternatively Marcano shoots and kills himself.

Mafia III - Leo

Leo Galante from the previous Mafia games comes to Lincoln to let him know that the Commission wants him dead, but so long as he keeps his head low and delivers a 20% commission to the mafia Commission, they’ll leave him alone.

Lincoln returns to Father James, who admonishes him for wanting to take over Sal Marcano’s business, giving him the option to leave the city and save his soul or stay and become another blight on the city.

If Lincoln chooses to leave New Bordeaux then he stays on good terms with Father James, moving to California and finding a woman before moving around from time to time. Lincoln never finds peace in his life, however, and Father James feels an unwavering guilt for Lincoln’s burdened walk through life.

Vito Scaletta takes over when Lincoln leaves, building up the Bordeaux to become the “Las Vegas” of the south, finally achieving the riches and material wealth that he sought but never quite achieved during Mafia II.

Donovan, however, continues the work that Lincoln ended at the Bordeaux. During a Congressional hearing regarding the massacre of the New Bordeaux mob, Donovan reveals that one of the Senators was on Sal Marcano’s payroll and that his work was just beginning, killing the Senator during the hearing before walking out.

In the alternate ending, if Lincoln decides to stay he heads back to his under-bosses and he has the choice of either killing them and taking over all of the south alone, or working with the under-bosses by letting them live, as showcased in the ending that Super Milkbox uploaded.

With Lincoln in control, Father James feels more resentful toward Lincoln, expressing that he felt as if Lincoln should have died with Sammy when Sal and Giorgi betrayed them as it would have brought some sort of a peace had he died.

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  • Dwight Beasley

    Why couldn’t we find out that Ellis was behind the attack on Sammy and Lincoln to take over the Hollow on his own and faking his death. We could have discovered that it was his idea and the surprise could have come right after Lincoln killed Giorgi. The ending could have been so much more.

  • Fivizzz

    I got the Cassandra ending and Vito had Downtown + French Ward.
    Burke had Southdown/Tikfaw and Cassandra had Frisco and Barclay Mills.

    I guess it comes down to “loyalty” eventhough there’s no way to check it. In my game, only Vito had max earn when I decided to finish the story, but I had done a lot of Cassandra’s earn missions for “nothing” by delivering straight to Emmanuel’s dock instead of driving to rackets, which turns out does not increase earn. Maybe it still increased her loyalty making her my top Capo. I don’t know.

  • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    In ending A (leaving the city) whichever underboss is alive and has the most territory takes over and has their own little ending. It’s not always Vito. Vito is chosen by default as far as I can tell tho if all things are equal because He’s who I got with all 3 underbosses alive and each with 3 districts.

    • miterT

      I got the Cassandra ending and the underbosses were all equal, I’m wondering if it depends on which territories you give the underbosses, I gave Cassandra the French Ward, Downtown and the Hollow.

      • (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

        Maybe. I was very systematic about it. I gave them each the lieutenant and then Capo district that were connected on the “Kill List” to their starting territory. So Vito got River Row, Downtown and the French Ward.

        I’m not sure what else could determine it because all mine had equal territory, equal maxed out earn and all their side missions done. For me I finished Vito’s first, he got 3 districts, maxed his earn and finished his missions before the other’s so maybe that was it?

  • Gorgon

    Thanks for saving me 60$

    • kev

      Lol. Seriously? I have played the game and while it has some flaws I can safely say it’s easily worth $60. Even if you know the framework of the story beforehand. You will get $60 worth of fun out of it

    • Tgc171

      Ur a cheap idiot it’s wayyy better than gta and the besy open world game I ever played i have no framerate issues since I got a 75 inch Samsung 240 hertz TV so graphics and movevent are very good

      • omghi

        Haha I’m late on this but I just played mafia 3 today and the narrative as a whole is much better than gta hands down. I get that gta is a satirical take on American life but it just gets so trashy at certain points and I feel that it lacks depth. Mafia iii though explores race politics really well so the storylines so much more superior. Not super sure about the gameplay aspect though, but as a former comparative literature major, I actually prefer games with strong storytelling as opposed to ones that have great gameplay but shallow plot a la GTA series so it depends on your preferences really.

    • Tgc171

      Driving more realistic and u can break into mostly any store or building so there much more to do than gta and driving cars feels way more realistic and if u run red lights or crash into random car in front of cop it says cop witnessed crime so it’s more realistic than gta so in other words u missing out on the best game out right now and u can get eaten by alligators and feed ur enemy bodies to alligators there so much shit to do and when u honk ur horn it actually works and u can blow up buildings too i knew it was gona be good this game but didn’t xpect it to be this good

      • Ehh, a lot of that stuff was already in Mafia II, save for feeding people to alligators. Although, in Sleeping Dogs you could punch anybody you want to in the face and put them in a trunk and then drive around real crazy and then get them killed.

        • Tgc171

          Sleeping dogs I cosnider the best the underated game of all time bro mafia 3 is a great game so idk what the fuck u talking about the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is Great and it’s awesome and wat better than gta and the scenery and environment in each district is very different from each of them so yeah I had mad fun playing that shit it was a great open world game and plus dlc will make the game even more popping g and sleeping dogs had best combat system I ever played in video game and only video game where u can Take a piss and wash ur hands right after

        • Tgc171

          I guess u right cause never played any of the mafia but mafia 3 graphics are impressive and jus a big world and each district is very?different and has its own look and I love gta but mafia 3 world is better to me and funner and mafia 3 overall to me is a lot funner than gta and I never thought I would say that but yeah definitely is the missions are more impressive I mean one mission I blew up some crane shit and it hit this huge boat and people were jumping off the boat like dozens and dozens of people and they all were getting eaten by alligators and u actually see blood in the water it’s more detailed it gotta be more emailed than mafia 2 and one thing I noticed is monki3s in the bushes and when u crouched down for a while and stay in same spot closest to that Bush the monkey climbs on ur shoulder like a pet which I found very impressive little shuts like that make the game but it’s definitely the funnest open world I played and it doesn’t even have online and gta story?mode after u beat shit is mad boring

        • Tgc171

          Melee is great but never played a game that beats sleeping dog combat but the open world lacks a lot of freedom it’s very restricted