Mafia 3 Frame-Rate Fix Is Now Available For PC

PC gamers kicked up a fuss over the PC version of Mafia III having a 30fps hard-lock. The creator of The Framerate Police, Totalbiscuit, let the gaming world know about the hard-lock and 2K Games was quick to announce that they were working on a patch after the internet took them to task about the issue. Well, 2K Games has announced that the frame-rate fix is now available.

Over on the Steam community page, 2K Games announced that patch 1.01 is available right now for download to enable the frame-rate options in the graphics menu for the PC version of Mafia III, including adding 30fps, 60fps and an unlimited frame-rate option.

The post is kept short and sweet, informing gamers that they’ll need to restart the game if they’re already in it or wait for the download before making use of the new features, they also inform the community that they aren’t done patching the PC version of Mafia III, writing…

“We aren’t done with fixes and updates and will continue to listen to our community for ways to improve your experience in New Bordeaux.”

The patch doesn’t just include frame-rate options in the graphics menu, though. There’s also the inclusion to improve keyboard remapping so you can customize your play controls. The keyboard controls will have automatically reset to the default after the patch finishes installing so that’s something to keep in mind.

Technically, things could have turned out much worse for 2K Games and Hangar 13 Studios for the PC launch of Mafia III, they could have had an Arkham Knight situation on their hands. Nevertheless, the hard-lock was bad for what it was but it was fixed quickly over the weekend like they promised.

Hard-locking is the bane of most PC gamers because it limits a game’s frame-rate to that of home consoles. And let’s face it, the whole point of playing games on PC is to not have to deal with the limitations of home consoles.

Anyway, the patch is live right now and you can get your hands on the patch by letting it auto-update.