Make Sail Sees Players Making A Boat To Weather A Raging Storm

Popcannibal’s Make Sail is a very innovative game. The developers are coming off the success of Elegy for a Dead World and they’re aiming to do something very different with their boat-creation and exploration title.

Make Sail sees players starting off in the eye of a storm on a rickety little boat. The objective is to find totems on isles in order to push back the storm wall, which in turn will allow you to explore more islands and find more totems in order to defeat the storm.

Originally this just sounded like another standard indie game, but after seeing some of the screenshots and seeing the game in action, there’s a lot promise for Make Sail if it can come to proper fruition. You can check out the pitch video for the game below.

The developers decided to use the controversial investment platform, Fig, to generate funds to finish off their game. They have a goal of $50,000 and they’re looking to accrue fund before November 3rd, 2016 gets here. They already have $26,000 as of the writing of this article.

The basic gameplay premise is about collecting parts and building your boat so you can venture through the ever-challenging seas that stand in your way. You’ll have to face off against increasingly difficult sea creatures, as well as navigate changing weather conditions while ensuring that you have the right parts and pieces to weather the storm.

Visually the game has its own style, and the physics system seems to be designed to make use of the different parts and pieces that players can use to build their ships.

I like the emergent gameplay that Popcannibal is going for, and the whole ship building aspect reminds me of the Magnum Opus from Avalanche Studios’ Mad Max game. There’s also a hint of Don’t Starve Shipwrecked in there, based on the way they have the world-scaling setup.

If you want to learn more about Make Sail, you can visit the Fig crowd-funding page.


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