MAME 0.179 Adds Support For Dead Or Alive 2 Clone

You can download the newest version of the multi-arcade machine emulator right now. Version 0.179 of MAME has been made available with added support for a variety of new machines and clones, including the arcade version of Dead or Alive 2.

The download for the newest version was announced over on the main MAME website page. They informed general emulation users and that they’re dropping individual debugger support and will instead just include a binary for the MAME binary in the standard packages.

If you check out the the changelog for version 0.179 you’ll see that a couple of new machines have been added for the compatibility of MAME, including Fidelity Designer 2000 and Splendor Blast II. Other more obscure games like Gakken Game Robot 9 and Super Two In One also make the cut, but let’s be honest here… no one has any clue what these games are about and most people likely don’t care.

The new working clones are definitely the more important highlights of the update. Defor’s clone of Dead or Alive 2, the popular 3D fighting game from Team Ninja has been made compatible with MAME 0.179, along with a prototype of Bombjack Twin that has some adult pictures tossed into the mix. The four-player Asia version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is working, along with a bootleg version of Video Hustler and a a rare version of Greyhound Electronics Poker.

There were no new machines that were not working in previous versions that are now working in 0.179 . There were a few clones that were not working in previous versions of MAME that are now working in 0.179, including the Japanese version of Tatake Genshizin Joe & Mac, and the Japanese version of Power Drift.

They’ve also made some advancements in Gameboy emulation within MAME along with updates to the Sega CD within the MAME.

You can get your hands on the newest version of the multi-arcade emulator by heading to the download page.


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