Max Payne 3 Visible Weapon Mod Updated For GTA 5
(Last Updated On: October 22, 2016)

If you played Max Payne 3 you may have noticed that many of Max’s weapons appeared on him. It gave the game a very different feeling of authenticity… as if Max was really decked out in weapons like Arnold from Commando. Well, some modders decided to take that concept and apply it to GTA V

The mod was designed by modder michelangelo777, and has been steadily updated over time to version 1.4. It features seven of the player’s weapons being made visible on the character, no matter what the player model is.

He explains that when playing as characters with capes or jackets, the weapons appear strapped on their back. When playing as characters like Max from Max Payne 3, it will feature the weapons clanging as they hang from the holsters around his shoulder. It’s pretty cool.

The shoulder holsters carry two side-arms or sawed off shotguns, while the waist holsters will allow you to equip pistols.

GTA 5 MP3 Mod

This also works for other character models and playable pedestrians in GTA V. It’s a neat little mod to help give gamers a bit more immersion when it comes to the way weapons are displayed on the characters.

Now there is a bit of a caveat. Only Max Payne’s GTA V imported model gets to use the two shoulder holsters. However, any of the other pedestrians and characters can still use the other holsters and have the weapons displayed on their back.

This mod is actually based on and evolved from the mod by InfamousSaber called Pickups 2.1. The Pickups mod makes it where any weapon dropped by an NPC has to be manually picked up by players, and they only contain the ammo left by the NPC, it doesn’t automatically refill your entire weapon cache. Pickups 2.1 also features some visible weapon loadouts even for the weapons you don’t currently have equipped. However, it lacks the holsters and some of the other features implemented by michelangelo777.

If you want to get your hands on the Max Payne 3 mod GTA V, you can do so by downloading it from the GTA5-Mods website.

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