Mad Catz Makes New And Improved RAT Gaming Mice Available

Mad Catz Interactive announced that they have six new gaming mice available, including the RAT1, RAT4, RAT6, RAT8, RAT Pro S+ and the RAT PRO X+. Each of them include top of the line sensors, improved performance and optional user commands to ensure that you have a top notch gaming experience whether you’re playing the latest Battlefield game or tearing it up on the tournament scene in League of Legends.

They announced that four of the six are currently available right now and the RAT Pro S+ and RAT Pro X+ are expected to ship by the end of the year.

They don’t drop into any kind of heavy details about the specs, which is kind of odd of Mad Catz. Usually they’re keen on talking up all the details on their mice. The only thing they mention in the press release is that the mice use dynamic ergonomics that are suited for whatever hand-shape you have, as well as using a Kameleon RGB setup so there are 16.8 million different color variations to choose from, along with FLUX software interface technology so you can fine-tune all of the buttons for each of the mice configuration.

They also released a teaser trailer featuring a look at the six gaming mice that you can check out below.

The trailer will give you a brief look at each of the mice and what they will feature as they’re made available and when the last two launch at the end of the month.

According to Andrew Young, Chief Technology Officer of Mad Catz commented about the devices saying…

“The steady increment of features and performance throughout the new range, from the RAT1 all the way to the RAT PRO X+, provides gamers and enthusiasts of all levels a choice of peripherals to match the level and overall sophistication of their gaming rig,”


“Whether it’s button switch life, sensor capability, programmable features, on-board memory or RGB lighting, the new range of RAT products proudly continues Mad Catz’ tradition of bringing together the best materials and components, highest level of engineering and latest technologies to deliver the key features, precision and customization that gamers seek.”

The details of the mice can be viewed over on the official website, where they cover things like the magnesium alloy chassis and the all new enhanced scroll wheel.


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