New Red Dead Game Teased By Rockstar
(Last Updated On: October 17, 2016)

Recently Rockstar Games have been teasing a new entry in the small but veritably popular Red Dead series. There are only two games in the franchise but there could be a third… soon.

If you visit the official Rockstar website there’s a giant splash page that stays up for 10 seconds before it takes you to the official page where there’s no info and no details, just a splash image. What’s on the splash page? Why, there’s a silhouette of seven gunslingers walking away from a setting sun.

The image was preceded by a faded Rockstar logo on a separate red splash screen posted up a few days ago.

No one really knows what it means other than that Rockstar will likely be making an announcement soon about a new game in the Red Dead series. Could this mean a Red Dead Redemption 2? Picking up with James Marsten’s son and continuing on where that game left off? Or will it be a continuation of Red Dead Revolver? Centering around another story with Red, or maybe even a prequel starring his father. Given that both Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption have nothing whatsoever to do with each other, it’s likely that this new Red Dead game will be completely unrelated to the previous two games.

There were rumors before that the new game would follow a gang of gunslingers and it would be similar to The Magnificent Seven, and based on the promo art it’s not unlikely that this could be the case.

It’s hard to think about what they’re going to focus on with the new game because the Xbox One and PS4 are quite limited, and graphically they won’t be pushing many boundaries with whatever the new Red Dead title is, so technically unless they cut some corners we’re going to get another gimped game similar to GTA V. Hopefully I’m wrong, though.

We’ll have to wait for Rockstar to make an official announcement, which they seem to do on their own time. So don’t expect them to show up on stage any conferences to roll out details for the upcoming title set during the Wild West era.

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