Nintendo Switch Powered By Custom Nvidia Tegra GPU

Nvidia announced recently – following on the official announcement by Nintendo for the Switch – that they are powering the graphics processing of the Nintendo Switch. Nvidia made the announcement over on their official website.

They announced that they went back to the drawing board for the GPU on the Nintendo Switch, giving it something that was powerful enough to possibly run games at 4K and 30fps when docked as a home console, but also light enough to be able to go mobile and give gamers plenty to enjoy as a wireless gaming experience.

The custom GeForce is rumored offer the Switch standardized 1080p at 60fps gaming when docked, but also scale up to run many of the latest and greatest games when it comes to high-end visuals and unique shaders.

Nvidia even went so far as to develop an all new API interface for the Switch utilizing what they call NVN technology. The core design is on being lightweight, cool and fast.

Technically, Nvidia has been building up to this moment with their Tegra line of processors, slowly edging forward toward bigger and more powerful graphics output experiences from their mobile line. Teaming with Nintendo means that they’ve kind of reached the pinnacle of those endeavors when it comes to marrying high-end graphics with portable gaming technology.

Details on the specs have not been released yet, but expect benchmarks to come out as soon as techies are able to find out more details about the CUs, shaders and Tflops.

It’s likely that the system is just on par or close to the PS4 Pro if it’s capable of doing 30fps at 4K. However, we’ll likely have to wait to find out more, but if it’s running the latest and greatest games then it’s obviously no slouch.

The Nintendo Switch is due for release in March in 2017.


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