One Tower, MOBA Game Enters Steam “Coming Soon” Page

If you are into MOBA games and you are looking for a free to play game you might find a game by SkyReacher Entertainment worth checking out, which goes by the name of One Tower. As of now the MOBA game is currently set for PC, and just entered Steam’s “Coming Soon” page on Early Access.

Those looking for pleasing graphics and deep gameplay mechanics may not find it in One Tower, but as a free to play game you will get the essentials of a micro MOBA. I should note that the game is a 1V1 type MOBA that sees players battling each other with minions and heroes.

Speaking of minions, players will be able to summon them to help out in the arena style game that is said to bring quick and fun action, and easy to learn controls and mechanics. In other words, if you are intimidated by games with steady learning curves and steep characters/abilities, One Tower is something worth checking out.

One Tower also features RTS and RPG elements, which are set in the “fantastical” world of Eternal Flame. More information on the game sits below courtesy of the official description:

“One Tower is a fast-paced head-to-head MOBA pitting two players against each other in epic duels of strategy and skill. Players unleash customized minion waves, command powerful Heroes, and cast potent spells to defend their stronghold against enemy marauders or invade new lands to take down their”

One Tower trailer is up for those who are curious how the free to play game operates, and covers the basics of leading minions, destroying towers and picking heroes. The minute long video comes in by SkyReacher Entertainment‘s channel.

Currently One Tower has a Closed Beta signup for folks to test the game. As for its initial release date, it’s currently TBA. I’m sure more information will drop regarding its release, so in the meantime you can check out the game’s official site to keep up to date.


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