PlayStation Releases New Gravity Rush 2 Screenshots And Gameplay Info

SIE Japan and PlayStation’s Facebook page just published a new batch of information and screenshots explaining the world and combat system of Gravity Rush 2. The gravity bending game is set to come out on January 20th for PS4.

Getting straight into the meat, the new content in Gravity Rush 2 details enemies, characters and the battle system. The first thing that we learn is that enemies in Gravity Rush 2 will not be limited to Nevi and Scarabs, but full sized enemies. This means that Kat and Raven will face off with new creatures that will most surely bring their own unique style.

One enemy is described as a Ghost City that eats entire buildings, and reconstructs those parts and debris as limbs to fight with during conflicts.

Speaking of cities, but not enemies in the shape of a city, the game will feature different places to explore, and thanks to the PlayStation official Facebook page we learn the name of these places that will be in Gravity Rush 2.

You can read all of the names of the cities below in the bulleted list:

  • Hekseville
  • Auldnoir
  • Pleajeune
  • Endestria
  • Vendecentre.


As for the characters that will be in Gravity Rush 2, the images that PlayStation posted not only give us a visual peek at them but a description.

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Dr. Brahman is said to be a smart scientist who maintains the Defense System in Hekseville. The citizens in the city back Dr. Brahman with great support thanks to his daughter Kali Angel’s efforts.

Looking over to the daughter of Dr. Brahman, Kali Angel serves as one of the guardians of Hekseville. Widely regarded as a superhero, she commands the abilities to strike with powerful aggression and can heal herself using crystallization abilities.

Durga Angel is said to be the second angel of Hekseville, and hones the power to crystallize empty space. She flies using giant crystal wings that can be generated on her back.

Looking over to the last two characters… they happen to be rebels who threaten the city of Heksville, ,and go by the names Delta 1 and Delta 2. The former can fly with great skill and is noted to be top notch, while the latter is said to offer support with fire from a slight distance.

Fighting System:

This now brings us to the fighting mechanics that will be present in Gravity Rush 2 when it releases. Kat will be able to use the Jupiter Style that grants access to a host of powerful abilities like charge moves. She will be able to use the Stasis Field while in Jupiter Style — this allows Kat to create a big Debris ball.

The Facebook page also details that the Lunar Style will be usable by Kat, too. This style allows her to use quick attacks, such as the Wormhole.

Linking moves like Stasis Field while using the Lunar Style allows Kat to perform a Vortex Throw. The Vortex Throw freezes enemies in place while they take damage.

Mining and Talismans:

The last bit of information regarding the game includes mining. A special side mission will become available within the Banga Settlement that allows Kat to gather resources and Talismans. These Talismans are a new type of equippable items, which can be found throughout mining missions. These let the player alter Kat’s abilities for better performance throughout the game.

Gravity Rush 2 is set to come out on January 20th for PS4. You can look over all the latest screenshots that were posted up to PlayStation’s official Facebook page while we wait for its release.


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