Project Genom Set To Release On October 12th For PC Via Steam

If you are into Sci-Fi MMORPGs and survival games, Project Genom might be a game worth taking a look at. Publisher and developer NeuronHaze is set to release the MMO for PC via Steam Early Access on October 12th. 

I’m not really sure how Project Genom is going to execute all of its features on release, but from the looks of the game via the videos it seems to reflect quite a bit of stuff. The content shown in the video below (and others) contains mechs, flying ships, land vehicles, character customization, crafting and space exploration.

The Sci-Fi MMORPG explores life on a strange planet called Avalon. The game starts with players having to face a strange alien race known as the Almer who are driven by brute force, and seek to crush the human race. This is where the “Hero” steps in and must find a way to keep the human race going through different outlets, which are supposedly scattered¬† throughout the game.

You can read the game’s official description below:

“Project Genom is a sci-fi MMORPG with an open world, non-target combat system and innovative character development system. Get a giant robot under your control, modify your body, use different modes of transport, build spaceship and take off to the wide blue yonder.”

Those who are curious and want to watch Project Genom‘s trailer, the two minute long video sits below.

As of recent the space game just received a new update version of The update fixes in-game things regarding the map, and an entrance bug pertaining to the Hive. I’m not sure what else was changed in the update seeing that the actual post only addressed four problems.

If you want to play Project Genom, the game is set to become available on October 12th, and will be for PC via Steam Early Access. You can read up more on the game by visiting


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