Ride 2 Rides Out Onto PS4, Xbox One And PC

One company who has consistently been evolving their craft over the years is Milestone S.R.L. The company has been working really hard over the years to keep churning out new racing games that get better and better each outing. Their latest offering is Ride 2, which has arrived on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

The new game features more than 170 bikes in its cache, giving gamers everything from super-sport bikes to dirt bikes and everything else in between.

Players will be able to race across country roads, urban city streets, compete in grand prix tournaments, dish out techniques across motard races and even exercise your timing in drag races. Of course, options and features are only as good in a racing game as the game’s physics afford players fun times and highly entertaining moments. You can get a look at the game’s physics for some of the bikes with the launch trailer below.

The hard work of Milestone has actually paid off. Working on racing games and putting in the work and elevating the gameplay and quality of their games to the point where gamers have been able to appreciate the work they’ve put in and a majority of reviews from users are now positive; a nice step up from the last outing.

The 30 different tracks, 22 different manufacturers and more than 1200 different customizable parts has made the game a real winner in the eyes of gamers.

Keep in mind that Ride 2 isn’t being called perfect, not by a long shot. The game still has its flaws but essentially you have a lot of people saying that the game is just a generally good game for being above average and a step up over the original Ride, which had promise but was mired in a few physics, features and compatibility issues.

Milestone didn’t go back to the drawing board, they just took what worked and made the sequel better.

You can pick up Ride 2 for only $49.99 on the Xbox One, the PS4 and PC.


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