Scarf: Walking With Souls New Trailer Reveals 3D Platforming

Indie developers Uprising Studios recently announced their latest platforming adventure game, Scarf: Walking With Souls. What I assume is a six team project, the devs seek to bring an atmospheric polyformic scarf mystery puzzle game to gamers. As of now, Scarf: Walking With Souls has no official release date yet, but it’s said to be for PC.

The latest indie 3D platform adventure game set to hit PC is Uprising Studios’ Scarf: Walking With Souls. The game doesn’t look bad, especially to be by what I assume is a six man team. However, that doesn’t mean Scarf doesn’t walk off without any problems.

Before jumping into the game’s problems that need some touching up, let’s look over Scarf’s basic premise. Players will assume the role as Hyke, who must use his polyformic scarf to navigate a whimsical world that holds several mysteries. The object of the game is to platform to different flying islands to find the sole mystery behind the land.


As seen in the screenshot above, Hyke’s scarf can transform into a list of different things and shapes. It is said that the scarf can combine with other things it transforms into to create new shapes expanding Hyke’s possibilities.

There are different landscapes that will also be in the game. Each stage is said by the devs to hold parts of the game’s main story that explains Hyke’s journey and his origin. Additionally, the world of Scarf will be broken down into three levels, and in each level you — as the player — will discover new abilities. These abilities are also said to help unfold the game’s main story, and will help the player reach different locations.

The latest trailer for Scarf can be seen below, courtesy of Uprising Studios‘ channel.

This now brings us to some of the problems Scarf currently holds — that is from the video of course. The base animations for running/walking could use some more love, and the environments could use some animals or other lifeforms to make the game seem more spacious and alike like Banjo Kazooie or Mario 64.

Aside from those things mentioned above, as an indie game, Scarf: Walking With Souls doesn’t look that bad at all. For more information on this game you can head on over to, or


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