Seraph, Acrobatic Shooter’s PS4 Release Set For November 1st

If Devil May Cry and Shadow Complex had a baby that was trained by the U.S., gymnastics team, you would get Seraph. The fast-paced, side-scrolling shooter is a divergent platformer that combines tricky level challenges with stylish gunplay.

The trick to the game is that the protagonist automatically targets enemies. This means that players don’t have to worry about aiming but have to worry about shooting and staying alive. The focus of the gameplay is on the acrobatics required to traverse the level, dodge the enemy fire and make Trinity and Neo jealous mofos. You can check out the trailer for Seraph below.

Originally the game was supposed to launch back in early September, but the trailer above indicates that gamers can get in on the acrobatic action starting November 1st.

The tagline “evade or die” seems to be quite fitting for the game, giving gamers a very clear hook on what the challenges will be and how they’ll have to think about overcoming them. You can wall-hop to avoid being hit, as well as shoot-dodge, and even air-evade. This gives players a lot of versatility and options in how they tackle the levels and enemies presented in them, while also putting more of a focus on how they’ll stay alive and keep out of the way of the projectiles.

It’s a pretty cool looking game with a nice hook. It’s nice to see the developers are Dreadbit trying something new with their game instead of relying on the typical side-scrolling concept.

The feedback for the game is already quite positive, with plenty of gamers comparing to Mighty No. 9 and saying that it looks like a far better game just based on the minute long trailer above.

You can look to get in on the angelic action of Seraph come November 1st. For more info feel free to visit the game’s official website.


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