Stellar Overload Enters Into Early Access on Steam
(Last Updated On: October 12, 2016)

After years of waiting and lots of development time invested into the crowd-funded project, Stellar Overload, Cubical Drift have finally announced that the game is available to play for the general public through Steam Early Access.

The developers have been allowing the 20,000 backers to play-test the game and help them iron out the bugs and hiccups before allowing the general public to gain access to Stellar Overload.

Cubical Drift has already setup just how long they expect to have their game in development, making it known on the Early Access page that they will running Stellar Overload through the pre-release phase for up to a year.

The game features the ability to craft, create, manipulate and construct, just like Minecraft. The major difference is that Stellar Overload sees players having to venture around to different planets, battling enemies, collecting resources and crafting new gear. Only the early part of the game’s story mode will be accessible in the Early Access edition. They have plans on adding in nine more planets for players to access, as well as fleshing out the ecosystem for each planet and the quests that come along with them.

The Early Access version of the game does feature five different weapons, one armor type and six different enemies to combat. You can see what the developers are aiming for with the trailer below.

Part of the game reminds me a lot of Cube World. It’s a shame the developer of that title had diva issues and burned the bridge to his own success by not being more communicative.

Nevertheless, Cubical Drift has been very communicative and have worked very closely with their tightly knit community to iterate and evolve the gameplay of Stellar Overload. You can learn more about the game and what the developers have planned or pick up a digital copy of the title for $19.99 by paying a visit to the Steam Early Access page.

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