Stellaris Leviathans Story Pack DLC Revealed In New Trailer

The popular space strategy game Stellaris, by Paradox Interactive and Paradox Development, just received a new expansion pack entitled Leviathans, which brings powerful Guardians, Enclaves, two new ancient entities and much more to the game. Stellaris is out now for $39.99 on Steam.

If you are okay with chucking out extra funds for Stellaris‘ latest DLC known as the Leviathans, you’ll be swimming through quite a bit of content before you even know it. The Story Pack DLC brings four new features and also offers the free Heinlein update to the base game.

But, first, lets look over the new four pieces of content that the devs broke down in a bulleted list on the game’s update page on Steam.

Guardians: These new implemented space entities are powerful and hold mysterious motives. Coming with an unknown origin, the Guardians can be investigated or challenged to discover their technologies and gain access to great treasures.

Enclaves: Are independent outposts that hold traders and artists who are up for making deals. Important goods like resources can be purchased along with information regarding the galaxy, or you can commission a great work of art for your growing empire.

War in Heaven: Players will be able to participate in a battle of two ancient Fallen Empires, or take up the choice of leaving them to sort out their own differences. Players can also weigh in and take on both factions to seize their goods — that is if you are strong enough.

New Art and Music: Adding in new art and music is said by the devs to help immerse players into the game’s new DLC experience, which brings new characters to explore, among other new features.

As for the free update known as Heinlein, folks will gain access to features like Auto-Explore, rally points, Expansion Planner Interface, new galaxy options, and better information regarding ship types.

Stellaris is out now for PC via Steam for $39.99. As for the expansion known as Leviathans Story Pack, it currently runs for $9.99 and also comes with the free update known as Heinlein. You can check out the new trailer that Paradox Interactive posted up.


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