Stillalive Studios Reveal Drone Swarm’s Physics In New Video Clip

There’s a new real time strategy game that is in the works by Stillalive Studios, which goes by the name Drone Swarm. The game is focused on manipulating the swarm under your possession to create defensive walls, or offensive strikes that can change in size and speed. Drone Swarm is set to hit PC, and is currently in development.

Indie devs Stillalive Studios just released a new update video clip showing Drone Swarm’s latest physics-based movement. The video clip doesn’t last long seeing how it was uploaded to Twitter under the tag of #screenshotsaturday. Nevertheless, the video clip teases a swarming function that will be used throughout the campaign of Drone Swarm. You can check out the video clip below.

I bet you are thinking “what did I just watch” after seeing the clip above, right? Well, for a better and extended look at the RTS game the devs provided two trailers that explore what the game is all about.

The two videos come in thanks to Stillalive Studios channel.

Like most RTS games, this one will take on tactical mechanics and using the swarm not only to take out opposing forces, but to take them out in an efficient way that leaves you on top after every conflict. Additionally we see that you can split your Drone Swarm up into small pocket groups to form a cannonball, or you can decimate your foes by charging them with a bigger but slower cluster.

As of the game’s current state it actually looks pretty good to be a small indie project. From the actual gameplay footage that was shown in the Alpha Combat video (above) we got to see some real tactics and solid mechanics that warrant actual skill to progress through a mission. As of course the game isn’t perfect, but it is nice to see a well polished indie game with perplexed mechanics.

Stillalive Studios’ Drone Swarm does not sport a release date yet, but it will be for PC. For more information on this project you can hit up


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