Superman Mods From New 52, Injustice 2 Invade GTA 5

A collection of Superman mods have been made available in GTA V recently. Modder fakeplastic released several new mods based on the Man of Steel and his recent incarnations under the DC label, including his appearance in the upcoming NetherRealm Studios fighting game, Injustice 2, and his recent run under the New 52 label.

There are three mods available based on pedestrian add-ons for Grand Theft Auto V, which would allow players to import the last son of Krypton and play as him without having to replace the models for Michael, Franklin or Trevor.

First up, you’ll need the Add-on Pedestrian ASI script, you can click that link to grab it so you can quickly add-in or replace a pedestrian and play as them in GTA V. Next up, you can grab the Injustice 2 rendition of Superman that was aired during the announcement trailer for the game, which is due for release in 2017. You can download the Injustice 2 Superman from GTA5-Mods. He features the red and blue armored Kryptonian suit with a lower jaw face plate and temple guard.

Next up is New 52 Superman.

GTA 5 - New 52 Superman

He looks pretty good. He sports the triangular tipped cape and has the bright blue armored spandex with the crest of hope on his chest. He’s slightly lacking the S-curl but makes up for it with a modest overhang of bangs. He’s a lean and mean looking Superman, not quite classic Bob Siegel but something a little more suited for modern tastes.

The New 52 mesh comes from an XNA model shared on DeviantArt. He was rigged and imported into GTA V by fakeplastic. You can download the New 52 Superman from over on

Last but not least is Blackest Night Superman.

GTA 5 - Blackest Light Superman

This is an alternate rendition of Superman from Injustice: Gods Among Us. The skin features Superman in a black and white outfit, but not quite like the one he wore after his death and return. Instead, the cape is separated like streamers, and the sleeves are cut off like a t-shirt while iron gauntlets line his forearms.

The ‘S’ symbol on the chest is silver while the cape attachments also have silver stripes on them. Superman’s Blackest Night rendition has a zombie-monster face and a hairstyle that’s just shy of his traditional S-curl. If you want to get your hands on the mod, you can do so by downloading it from


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