Syberia 3 Delayed To Early 2017

Microids recently announced that Syberia 3, the highly anticipated follow-up that will further delve into Kate Walker’s grand adventures, has been delayed into the first quarter of 2017.

According to Elliot Grassiano, the vice president of Microïds, it’s mentioned in the press release that…

“We are aware that fans around the world are eager to embody Kate Walker again but we need additional time to provide them with an adventure that can live up to their expectations in this fascinating universe created by Benoit Sokal.”

The game takes a step in a slightly different direction from previous Syberia games, having a fully rendered game world that’s in 3D, as opposed to the hand-painted backgrounds of the previous games.

The 3D world opens up more interactivity possibilities, as well as more ways for players to solve puzzles and get a different perspective on the adventure.

Of course, switching up art-styles and expanding on the game’s physics, visuals and content meant expanding the development cycle, to which Grassiano acknowledges, but also states that the disappointment of the delay will be compensated for with a high quality product featuring more content than what they originally planned for…

“I am obviously disappointed that Syberia 3 is delayed because we would like to release our games as soon as the storyline is written, but I’m also relieved that Microïds has taken the decision to postpone the game’s launch because it is essential to offer players the best gaming experience possible. We decided to add even more cinematics to this new fiction, more optional narrative sequences as well as new languages for the voice-over, which represents considerable work for teams.”

More is better. Let’s just hope that in adding more content to the game they’ve also managed to ensure that QA is done right proper so we don’t get a Batman: Arkham Knight on our hands.

The global release of Syberia 3 will span the likes of home consoles and PC, this includes both the Xbox One and the PS4, and by extension that also means the PS4 Pro.

As mentioned at the top of the article, you can expect to see Syberia 3 on store shelves in early 2017.


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