The Conjuring House, Unreal Engine 4 Horror Game Seeks Votes On Greenlight

Rym Games’ Unreal Engine 4-powered horror title, The Conjuring House, has recently made its way to Steam Greenlight, seeking votes and a bit of attention from the gaming community.

The new game is one of those slow-burn horror titles where players will journey through increasingly disturbing house that was built during the Victorian era. The abandoned abode holds some terrifying secrets that a group of parapsychologists have been sent to investigate, as well as unravel the mysteries stored therein.

The game recently received a gameplay trailer featuring just over three minutes of the Unreal Engine 4 title, which showcases tons of neat little visual cues and graphical tricks to help bring The Conjuring House to life. You can check out the trailer for the game below.

A big part of the appeal is that the game’s graphics are set within a very realized environment, with the lighting set to replicate the mood of the haunted house.

We see things like Cthulhu-inspired horrors, specters, autonomously moving objects and plenty of other nightmarish elements set to give you nightmares. The crowd-funded title definitely has a style all its own, and creature designer, Fabrizio Bortolussi, managed to create some crazy-looking paranormal monsters that are bound to haunt the dreams of the squeamish.

Rym Games were inspired by the works of Lovecraft and you can definitely see that in some of the designs that seem to mirror the likes of the old ones. Part of the game’s appeal is in its ability to incite fear and panic in the player by keeping them in control but constantly threatening that control with actual horrific encounters. The concept relies a lot on players having to make the right decisions to overcome their fears and press forward. It’ll be interesting to see what the finished product looks like.

If you want to see The Conjuring House make its way to Steam, be sure to vote for and favorite the game over on the Steam Greenlight page.