The Little Acre, Point-And-Click Adventure Takes Inspiration From Hayao Miyazaki

Set for release on November 22nd for PS4, Xbox One and PC, Pewter Games announced that they are working with Curve Digital to get their Hayao Miyazaki-inspired point-and-click game, The Little Acre, up and out in a timely manner. The title is set within 1950s Ireland and follows the adventure of Aidan and his young daughter Lily as they search for Aidan’s missing father.

The press release states that the game was also mirrored after the timeless classics from the yesteryears, such as Don Bluth’s All Dogs Go To Heaven or the criminally underrated The Secret of NIMH.

According to Ben Clavin, the co-founder of Pewter Games, they wanted something that resonated with the fans of point-and-click titles but also wanted to lure in the new-school gamers who didn’t grow up with classics from Sierra and LucasArts, saying in the press release…

“There’s a whole generation of gamers out there who won’t have played a point and click adventure before,” […] “Of course, those well versed in adventures will feel at home with The Little Acre, but we’re equally excited to introduce the genre to a brand new audience.”

There’s a teaser trailer they released to give gamers an idea of how they’re approaching the animations and character depictions, so you can check that out below.

It doesn’t say much about the game, but I suppose that’s what press releases are for, eh?

In The Little Acre players will find Aidan and Lily in an alternate world while out searching for Aidan’s father. The world consists of “bizarre” creatures where the duo will find themselves having to overcome the challenges and setbacks put before them throughout the perilous journey.

Pewter Games have been working with Charles Cecil, the creator of the Broken Sword series, in order to bring The Little Acre to life. There’s definitely some classic point-and-click animation techniques at play and the game looks like it could be a visually engaging title depending on how the story unfolds.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the upcoming game come November 22nd next month. The title will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for $12.99. So it’s going to be a small budget priced game.

You can learn more about The Little Acre by visiting the official Curve Digital website.


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