The Other 99 Updated With New Storyline, Assets And Clothing

Developer Burning Arrow and Deck13 announced that The Other 99 has received a significant update after joining Early Access. The update features a new storyline that further unveils the mystery of the Hebridian island, and adds tons of new items, clothing attire and other assets to the game.

The Other 99 is being called a mix of a British Battle Royale meets Fight Club meets Lost. The basic gist of the game is that you’re stranded on an island after being taken away from your home. You must fight for survival against 99 other people who are also stranded on the island… or you can attempt to work with some of them.

The object of the single-player survival game is to uncover why you were brought to the island and what’s really going on, all while attempting to avoid being killed by the 99 others trapped on the island with you. Oh yeah, and it features perma-death… so don’t die!

Over on the Steam page the developers issued an update letting gamers know that a save system has been added, new clothing has been added, new landscape textures and ruin assets have been added, the environment has been upgraded and they’ve optimized some of the assets after the community have complained about poor optimization and performance.

One of the things they talk about in the press release that’s not mention in the changelog is that there’s a new storyline element that’s been added along with updated character uniforms to help better convey the story that Burning Arrow is trying to convey with The Other 99.

The AI has also been upgraded handily, featuring new movement and attack properties, along with AI gesticulation when they’re by campfires.

The game is still a long way from completion, but the developers are likely aiming to turn that “Mixed” review rating into a “Positive” rating by continuing to put in more work and improve the game leading up to its full release.

You can learn more about The Other 99 by visiting the Steam store page.


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