The Steamers Is A New “Renaissance Punk” Strategy Game

The Steamers is a new tactical strategy game developed by Shack Studio, and they’re doing something different by placing the game in a “Renaissance Punk” setting.

You are on the planet Esporia, in a world where steam powered machines and weapons are the main focus of their technology. But unlike conventional Steampunk games, The Steamers has a more 15th century theme to it. They have muskets, spears, cannons, airships, and they also have what looks to be some type of armored convoy tank vehicle. As a bonus, you will also be able to ride on ostriches! Take a look at the Steam Greenlight trailer that I linked down below that shows off the gameplay and some of The Steamers features.

As you can see from the video, The Steamers has cartoony graphics and the animations look a bit stiff (which I hope they fix), but the game really shines with its strategy elements. You will train up your soldiers, create a battle plan, and defend your home from rival nations and invaders. Like most strategy games, The Steamers will have a overhead sky view of the battlefield so that you can move your troops around and command them in battle.

However, you can also choose a soldier and dive straight into the conflict to play hands on as one of your infantryman to help control the outcome of the battle. You will be able to run, roll, take cover and shoot at enemy soldiers to lead your army to victory. The developers created a silly gameply dev long video to showoff just how far the development has come, and what they are working on for the future of The Steamers, so check out the second video below.

The Steamers will be broken down into campaign episodes, with each episode lasting about 3-4 hours. The episodes will be similar to the new Battlefield 1 game where you will play a group of characters as they work their way up the ranks and fight in the war for their home and country, and as the episodes progress, the developers say that each character will have very different gameplay and background settings.

The developers also say that they are planning on expanding the world to make it bigger and better with each episode, so that the game itself will continue to grow and expand with new content.

The Steamers has already been approved and Greenlit by the Steam community, but there doesn’t seem to be an official release date just yet, so keep your eyes open for any additional news about when the game will launch.

If you would like to learn more about the developers and The Steamers, you can also check out their official website to learn more.


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