Through The Woods, Norse Horror Game Available On Steam

1C Company and developer Antagonist have recently released their new third-person, Norse-themed horror game about a mother in search of her missing son called Through The Woods. The new game is currently available on Steam for $19.99. The game is also discounted by 10% off for the first week, making it only $17.99.

There’s also a digital collector’s edition available that includes the art book and soundtrack for $26.97, but for the first week it’s marked down by 24% off so you can grab it for only $20.63. You can also purchase the items from the collector’s edition separate, such as the soundtrack for the game that’s $2.99 and an art book for $3.99. Both of those items are also 10% off as well, with the soundtrack being marked down to $2.69 and the art book being available for $3.59.

The game itself sees a terrified mother having to head through a horrifying and haunted woods where monsters and ghosts roam. The premise is that the mother is retelling the events as a narrative to give gamers an idea of of what it was that she experienced.

Players will have to traverse through the woods in an attempt to find the missing boy, but there will be obstacles in the way, such monsters and creatures from Norse lore.

The description of the game sounds similar to the likes of a walking simulator, but so far a lot of people love the way Antagonist brought the environment and Norse themes to life. There’s a lot of aesthetics there that gamers seem to be drawn to, which is why the user review rating for Through The Woods is mostly positive.

There are some negative reviews, though, and they point out that Through The Woods is a walking simulator and you don’t actually have much control or interactive options, limiting playability and replayability.

Others didn’t mind that it’s a basic narrative adventure and were still looking forward to playing the game despite it being a walking simulator.

Ultimately, the game sounds a lot like the Secret World spin-off, The Park. If you’re looking for a similar experience then you can check out Through The Woods by heading to the Steam store page.


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