Tiger Knight: Empire War, Unreal Engine MMO Heads Into Early Access October 24th

NetDragon and Oasis Games have a cool new MMO set to go live on October 24th called Tiger Knight: Empire War. The game is a pretty cool siege warfare title designed for 32 player bouts up to AI 40 soldiers on the field battling across war-ravaged maps.

Tiger Knight: Empire War was successfully Greenlit by the Steam gaming community a while back and is similar to the Dynasty Warriors games fused with Mount & Blade. The Unreal Engine 3-powered MMO is set during the Three Kingdoms era, but aims to be a lot more realistic than Koei Tecmo’s series. Yuhui Wang, CEO at Oasis Games, commented in the press release about how much replayability and gameplay gamers are expected to get out of the title, saying…

Tiger Knight: Empire War brings to life the legendary battles of the Three Kingdoms, with a unique mix of intense combat and adrenaline-charged action with over 3000 hours of gameplay,”

The game sports the ability to attack, parry, launch combos and charge opponents. There’s a PvE mode where players team up and work together against the AI, as well as PvP modes that allow for players and AI to go against each other, and then there’s a PK only mode where there are no AI NPCs, just players duking it out on the battlefield. You can check out the trailer below to see what the gameplay is like.

According to the Steam store page, the Conquest and Siege modes allow for up to 200 vs 200 battles, similar to Mount & Blade. There are strategies and tactics that players can employ while on the field, enabling them to command troops and carry out specific directives.

RPG elements are also present, giving gamers an opportunity to battle through the maps and unlock different armor and weapon upgrades. They’re boasting a thousand different armor and weapon variations and 50 different horses with varied horse armor that you can apply as well. More specifically there will be 400 armor types and 400 weapon types, along with 75 different arms customization options.

There is mounted combat, siege weapon combat and boots-on-the-ground combat.

You can expect to get your hands on Tiger Knight in just a couple of day’s time as a free-to-play MMO. The game is expected to stay in Early Access for only one or two months and characters created in Early Access won’t be deleted. You can learn more by visiting the Steam store page.


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