Versus Lets You Build A Diorama And Then Battle On It

A new game from developer DiezelPower has launched called Versus: Sandbox Diorama. The game sees players building up a base on a diorama and then battling to survive an onslaught of countless enemies.

The title is a mixed genre kind of game, combining tower-defense strategy with real-time, isometric combat. Very similar to Nation Red, the game has a fast-paced, bloody combat system at its core where players will utilize guns, melee weapons and special attacks to thwart advancing enemy forces.

Players can customize their character with a various assortment of armament and gear, ranging from shotguns and rocket launchers to sledgehammers and assault rifles.

The game has a build mode where players will have a set amount of currency to spend on fortifications and structures, and then once the diorama is all built up nice and neat, it’s time to tear it down with some real-time, unrelenting combat. You can get a gist of Versus with the trailer below.

Just like with Nation Red, there are special abilities and skills to unlock, along with plenty of explosive special equipment to help you out along the way.

<i.Versus sports an inked outline look to help give the game a Borderlands-esque look. It works for the most part.

The game sports both online and offline cooperative play, along with locally shared and split-screen multiplayer. So if you have three other buddies who would like to join in on your zombie-style killing escapades, be sure to make sure you’ve got some extra USB ports available.

You can build whatever kind of base best suits your desires, and there’s both keyboard and gamepad support so you can either play it like an RTS-action game or like a standard console title.

Not many reviews are in but they’re quite positive. Many people like the co-op play and the addictive nature of the combat.

You can learn more about Versus or pick up a digital copy for $14.99 by visiting the Steam store page.


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