Wasteland 3 Announced For PS4, Xbox One, PC; Features Multiplayer Co-op

Brian Fargo and the rest of inXile Entertainment announced that Wasteland 3 is coming. The game will utilize Fig, the crowd-funding investment platform for which Fargo is an advisor.

Over on the official website they announced that in several days the Fig campaign will go live. You can sign up over on the Fig website to be notified about when the campaign will go live. It’s scheduled to launch on October 4th.

According to a rundown from Blues, the upcoming game will feature a slew of new features across a smorgasbord of interesting concepts. For instance, Wasteland 3 will venture away from the dry and arid deserts presented in Wasteland 2, instead gamers will take on snowy tundras in an icy, desolate future. The concept art in the header kind of gives you an idea of the futuristic icepunk theme they’re going for.

They’ll also be expanding upon the combat, keeping the turn-based structure but adding new Ranger skills and team abilities, along with an all new online multiplayer option so friends and rivals can take their own group of rangers and meet up throughout the game world. That sounds like it could be pretty fun. And don’t worry, single-player offline play will still be present.

They’ve also announced that there will be new vehicles and bases for players to interact with. Vehicles will be used to transport goods and characters from one destination to the other, they can be upgraded and modified to suit your questing needs. The base will work as a multi-operational hub, allowing players to pick up missions, carry out research and even utilize communication methods to interact with other factions. It sounds like all the necessary and right steps to take for a sequel.

They have plans on releasing Wasteland 3 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously. As mentioned, finding for the Fig campaign begins next week. For more info be sure to visit the official website.


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