Watch Dogs 2 Has Officially Gone Gold

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Prepping for release on November 15th next month, Ubisoft sent out word that the open world hacktion game, Watch Dogs 2 has officially gone gold.

The title is set in San Francisco and stars a bunch of cluelessly self-important hipsters operating under a faux activist group known as DedSec. The gauche millennials pretending to be social justice warriors is headlined by a certain Marcus Halloway, using portable computers, flying drones and remote control devices to help infiltrate, hack, disrupt and destroy big corporation property in his quest to… You know what? I have absolutely no idea what Marcus is doing in Watch Dogs 2. I do know that a typical SJW hipster is the main villain who has a name that sounds like douche bag.

Anyway, Ubisoft posted up a tweet on the official Twitter account for Watch Dogs 2.

The Tweet keeps it simple, but that’s because they’ve been spending the past week rolling out a lot of new footage and gameplay videos for Watch Dogs 2.

YouTubers have already been given access to promotional builds of Watch Dogs 2 where you can see hours worth of footage of the game well ahead of its release, such as the Let’s Plays from YouTubers like Chris Smoove.

Nothing I’ve seen of the game has made me want to be a day-one buyer. I think the 3D printed weapons are cool, and the parkour elements certainly look improved over the first Watch Dogs, but the vehicle physics have been pretty awful looking from what I’ve seen and the missions just don’t look all that interesting. A lot of it involves hiding behind a crate watching Marcus finger a tablet up its port and then pressing Square/’X’ to hack a thing or make something blow up and instantly knock some guys out.

A lot of the gameplay looks so… static.

Anyway, if you think the game is worth checking out you’ll be able to do so when it launches for the Xbox One and PS4 on 15th. The game will also arrive on PC starting November 29th later next month.


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