When They Won’t Stay Dead, Visual Novel Enters Steam Greenlight

Are you into visual novels or playable mangas? If so, there’s a new interactive novel that hit Steam Greenlight and comes in by Tropa Entertainment. The visual novel goes by the name of When They Won’t Stay Dead, and is set to debut for PC sometime early 2017.

To be honest here, I’m not a big fan of visual novels per se. However, I do like reading some mangas every know and then when I’m in search of reading something gripping and fun. But after seeing the art style of Tropa Entertainment and that the visual novel offers hours worth of choices, I’ve got to say for Steam Greenlight standards that this VN is worth getting some attention compared to some of the other shady things on the platform.

I should note that When They Won’t Stay Dead is not a static-like visual novel, but offers motion in parts to grab the reader’s attention or to spice up the overall experience when indulging into the devs game.


I know it adds to the overly saturated genre of zombies or the undead but for an indie project on Greenlight, it stands to be well polished and somewhat professional when it comes to presentation. But, if you are seeking more info on what this game is about the official description sits below.

“When They Won’t STAY DEAD is a visual manga, zombie survival visual novel developed in Unity Engine. The story follows the struggles of a group of students caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak. Focused on storytelling elements, players get to immerse themselves by playing the role of the protagonist, interacting with an array of different characters and taking decisions that will ultimately alter the course of the story. Control the fate of each character through Dialogue choices, variable character relationships or unlock Sudden Death Scenarios.”

For additional info on the VN, players will follow Ken Summers, who happens to find himself in the middle of an unfortunate event during high school and must make sense of the conundrum that is plaguing the city and humanity.

The player is tasked with investigating the mysteries that pop up, and must solve them to get a better understanding on why this creeping terror of death is cracking down upon the rest of the world.

You can watch two trailers that come in by TropaEntertainment‘s channel.

I know this is something more of a personal request, but I think it would be kinda cool if all the blood in the VN was in red to set a contrasting tone apart from the black and white print, but that’s just me.

Anyways, for more information on When They Won’t Stay Dead you can head on over to tropaentertainment.com. If you want to help support the visual novel you can hit up Steam Greenlight.


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