White Noise 2, Asymmetrical Horror Game Enters Early Access Oct 27th

A new trailer was let loose to announce that the upcoming asymmetrical multiplayer horror game, White Noise 2, is coming soon. How soon? Well, Milkstone Studios’ multiplayer horror title is due for release on October 27th at the end of the month, and the game will be available on Steam via Early Access.

White Noise 2 arrives just in time for Halloween on PC, Mac and Linux. The sequel to the original White Noise brings back the first-person asymmetrical, competitive and cooperative multiplayer gameplay. It sees four individuals investigating two abandoned locations in the London area, including the St. John’s Hospital and the Norwood Priory.

A tease of the game’s locations, graphics and specters was compiled into a minute long trailer that you can check out below.

Players have the option of either taking on the role of the team of investigators who are looking into the mysteries of the haunted locations, or players can take on the role of the ghosts that stalk the halls, corridors and the woods of those mysterious places.

As the investigators it’s up to players to fight eight hidden tapes scattered around the environment. As the ghost, it’s up to players to kill those investigators before they recover all the tapes.

While it might seem like an easy pick for the ghost, the reality is that bright lights diminish the ghost’s abilities and so it must avoid being spotted. This turns it into a frantic cat and mouse game.

Alejandro González,CEO of Milkstone Studios, commented about the game’s release and how the team has decided to focus on upping more content and adding more playability to White Noise 2, saying in the press release…

“Disorientation is a big part of the experience and we’ve taken everything we’ve learned and added more content and playability” […] “Launching on Steam Early Access, initially with two massive sanity-busting abandoned locations to explore, we are sure that fans of the genre will have a blast scaring the crap out of one another!”

Only two locations seem like gamers are being cut thin on content, but remember this is Early Access and they’ll likely expand on the availability of the maps and features. In fact, they specifically mention that they plan on spending a few months in Early Access in order to upgrade the content and give gamers a bit more bang for their buck.

White Noise 2 is scheduled to release on $7.99 on the Steam store.


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