How To Create Custom Championship Belts In WWE 2K17

One of the most popular features in the newer WWE 2K games is the in-depth creation suite covering everything from characters and rings to shows and belts. Well, the championship belt creation tool has been updated for this year’s outing of WWE 2K17, featuring a wide variety of options and tool menus to create the belt of your dream.

YouTuber MiniUzzy uploaded a quick two minute and 42 second video featuring the process of creating the WWE Cruiserweight Championship from the 2016 CWC tournament. You can check it out below.

First up, head into the creation section of WWE 2K17 and select to create a new championship. You’ll be able to alter the base settings, the front plate, the strap, the left and right side plate,the layers and the title info.

To get started, first select the base settings and change the template. From here you can select how you want the overall shape of the belt to look, ranging from the old Divas belt design to the Superstar era of the WWF, all the way up to the current WWE Championship designs.

From there you can choose the side plate designs after choosing a base template. The side plates determine what sort of ornaments and what shape those ornaments look like on the belt.

You can also alter the logos with custom designs by going into the section where you can edit the different plates. For instance, if you want to add a custom logo to your belt you can choose the front plate and then alter the color, the material and the logos that appear on it. If you have a token and have uploaded content to your 2K Games profile, you can import that content and add those custom designs to your belt in the logo section.

WWE 2K17 - Custom Championship

After setting up the basics you can choose the material of how you want the plates to look or reflect when being worn by a superstar.

You can also alter the colors and choose the layers for both the main plates and side plates. Choosing additional layers and alternate colors will allow you to create some original look belts, even choosing the opacity to make transparent designs.

You can use the tiling to also layer logos, designs and icons onto your belt, as indicated at the 1:32 mark in the video above. Head into the logo section of the front or side plates and you can add additional layers on top or beneath the plate for unique and original designs.

You can then change the title information once you’re done with the look, picking a name, the entrance name, what the ring announcers say, the gender, whether or not it’s a single or tag-team belt and if you can turn on or turn off the cruiserweight option to restrict the belt to a specific weight class.

WWE 2K17 is available right now for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Expect the PC version to go live sometime next year.


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