WWE 2K17 Video Highlights Top October CAWS, Including TJP, CM Punk

A new video from YouTuber ElementGames highlights the top 10 created wrestlers in WWE 2K17 on the PS4 that have come out this past month. The list is quite impressive and features mostly indie darlings and legends from the past.

The first one on the list is the Cruiserweight Champion T.J. Perkins, featuring his now iconic 8-bit power theme. Unfortunately he doesn’t do his trademark dabbing, and his head looks a little wider than his real life counterpart, but otherwise it’s a solid effort.

Number two on the list is the legendary Road Warriors, featuring Road Warrior Hawk and Road Warrior Animal. These guys were like the most legendary tag-team of all time. They were so awesome. The thing is, once their theme hit and they came out in their gear the crowd always erupted with glee. They were so badass. They managed to capture that quite well as custom wrestlers in WWE 2K17.

Next on the list is Jushin Liger. He looks freaking authentic, but the real takeaway is his theme music. The classic Japanese intro song rocks and really helps bring Jushin to life.

Someone also made No Way Jose, but holy crap did they butcher his face. They tried to use the WWE 2K17 face importer but the whole thing made him look like a troll that got plastic surgery to look like No Way Jose from Mickey Rourke’s plastic surgeon.

The attire looks good and the music is obviously right. They also managed to capture the energy of his entrance, which is impressive.

They have a custom Damien Sandow, and it surprisingly looks exactly like Damien Sandow. It’s impressive work.

They also have international superstars like Okada, he is most famous for his great, stiff in-ring work at New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Pentagon Jr “El Cero Miedo” also makes the cut. I’ve got to be honest, though. I’ve never seen or heard of this guy before, but his outfit looks legit.

CM Punk WWE 2K17

Custom character turned real-life TNA superstar, Suicide, also makes a showing, which is pretty weird given that earlier in the video one of the people who portrayed Suicide was T.J. Perkins. It’s unfortunate that a character like Suicide is too edgy for today’s PG-rated wrestling, even though the most edgy thing about him is his name.

The video ends with the self-proclaimed “Best in the World”, Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. He has an instrumental version of Cult of Personality, and his in-ring taunt looks pretty good but his neck looks a little too long, his head a little too square and he doesn’t have the average-man flab like the real-life CM Punk. Then again, the video cuts off before we see the match, so maybe he lost in two-minutes flat just like the real CM Punk.


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