WWE 2K17 Videos Feature Undertaker, The Miz, Kevin Owens And Cesaro

Additional entrances have been featured in some videos released to the public for the upcoming launch of WWE 2K17, which is due for release on October 11th next week for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

YouTuber Smacktalks rolled out a 10 minute video featuring the various characters, including Apollo Crews, Sashsa Banks, The Miz and Kevin Owens. There’s some slight overlap from a few of the female superstars who already appeared in a previous WWE 2K17 video, but nevertheless you can check out the video below.

The video starts with the smiling, athletic, high-flyer, Apollo Crews. His enthusiastic music and energetic entrance doesn’t look bad but you can’t help but notice that graphically the WWE 2K games really lack a lot of features that are present in other sports titles. For instance, the muscle physics that really help bring EA Sports UFC 2 to life are no where to be found in WWE 2K17.

The Miz’s entrance is actually pretty good. His face expressions and mannerisms are captured quite well. It’s hard not to see Miz and not think about Maryse, who really seems to have helped add even more dimension to The Miz and his consistently evolving character.

Cesaro looks pretty terrible in the game, but you would be crazy to expect Yukes and Visual Concepts to give a lot of love to Cesaro when even Vince doesn’t like him.

Kevin Owens, alternatively, looks like he stepped out of UFC. He looks big and dangerous but not very realistic.

A second video was also posted by Smacktalks featuring a six minute promo segment between The Big Show and The Undertaker. You can check it out below, which is designed to mimic the old WWF arena designs and Undertaker is sporting his old-school Deadman gimmick.

The new promo performance meter is pretty cool because you have to put together a decent promo in the ring that determines whether the audience responds to you as a face, a heel or as a tweener. You can also build heat through the promos that can help elevate your superstar and advance rivalries. Each superstar will have their fair share of words to say and players can determine how their character talks in the ring, whether it be respectful, disrespectful, family friendly or edgy like the Attitude era.

It’s kind of cool because you can use the promo to setup feuds, to do staredowns and to even do a beatdown.

It’s not bad.

You can look for WWE 2K17 to launch on October 11th for the Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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